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Can you name the seven letter words with only one vowel?

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Can make mattresses squeaky.
Many of these in Camelot.
High-beams on your car.
Found in pianos and quantum gravity.
Fibers, or beaches.
Suggestions or inspirations to a writer.
These are comprised of beat, tempo, and meter.
These can be domestic or international.
Ukranian beetsoup.
Mr. Armstrong, the pliable action figure.
What Usain Bolt does.
The sound of snow underfoot.
These splits occur often in Christianity.
Most famously, from the Dead Sea.
Warts or other such tumors.
Written for plays, television, and movies.
What Michaelangelo does to David.
Monty Python quote: 'Tis but a...
Rods, furlongs, and miles.

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