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Can you finish the titles of these popular songs?

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Hello _____
Louis Armstrong 
The Doors (3 words) 
Ricky Nelson (2 words) 
Goodbye ____
The Carpenters (2 words) 
Dixie Chicks 
Elton John (3 words) 
Heart of ____
Neil Young 
The Rolling Stones 
Head ____
Tears for Fears (2 words) 
Alanis Morissette (2 words) 
___ Girl
David Bowie 
Neil Young 
The Temptations 
___ Boy
Paul Anka 
The Andrews Sisters (3 words) 
_____ Man
Bob Dylan (2 words) 
Sammy Davis, Jr. 
Black Sabbath 
_____ Woman
The Guess Who 
Roy Orbison (2 words) 
Marty Robbins, Cliff Richards 
Day ____
The Beatles 
Godspell Cast (2 words) 
Badfinger (2 words) 
Night ____
James Brown 
Bob Seger 
I Am ____
Simon & Garfunkel (2 words) 
Neil Diamond (2 words)  
The Beatles (2 words)  
You're ____
Carly Simon (2 words) 
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John (5 words) 
Queen (3 words) 

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