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Can you identify these heroes of pulp fiction (and one author)?

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This unusual crime-fighter is a practicioner of Tibetan Buddhism. When Jethro Dumont wears his costume, he becomes what hero?
Edgar Rice Burroughs created John Clayton. By what name is John Clayton better known?
Sir Denis Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie thwart the evil schemes of this criminal mastermind in a series by Sax Rohmer.
This crime-fighter uses many aliases to conceal his true identity. The best-known of his identities is Lamont Cranston.
This pulp character's name means 'fox' in Spanish.
This French occult detective and his assistant Dr. Trowbridge battle werewolves, ghosts, and other supernatural threats from their home base in New Jersey.
The 'Man of Bronze' is assisted in his adventures by Monk, Ham, Long Tom, Renny, and Johnny. Who is he?
Curtis Newton was raised by an android, a robot, and a disembodied brain. He travels the solar system and beyond, fighting evil, under what name?
He appeared to die in a cave in Arizona, but ended up on the planet Barsoom.
This Harold Lamb character is an adventuring Cossack, known for his horsemanship and skill with his curved saber.
The identity of this World War I aviator and spy was never revealed. He is known only by his code name, ____.
This gloomy Puritan, garbed all in black, travels the world fighting evil, armed with a rapier and flintlock pistols.
He was a galley slave, a pirate and a gladiator before he became King of Atlantis.
Known as 'The Hollywood Detective,' this hardboiled private eye is given to 'as dead as --' similes when he finds a corpse, and calls guns 'roscoes.'
This Texan created the character Conan the Barbarian (among others).
This detective first appeared in an 1886 story paper serial, and went on to his own pulp magazine, novels, and radio show. Walter Pidgeon played him in three films.
Exposed to radioactive gas after a mine cave-in in 1927, this character remained in 'suspended animation' for 500 years.
This detective character's pulp magazine ran for twenty years. His platinum badge in the shape of a domino mask is well known to law enforcement agencies.
Another character from the creator of Conan, he is the King of the Picts.
This vigilante's alter ego, Richard Wentworth, is a millionaire playboy. He's assisted by his butler, chauffeur, and his Sikh manservant Ram Singh.

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