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Can you name people, places and things in the Book of Genesis A-Z?

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A - Philistine king who took a patriarch's wife, but returned her after God appeared to him in a dream.
B - Hebrew name of the first book of the Torah
C - He asked, 'Am I my brother's keeper?' (English transliteration)
D - Son of Jacob and Bilha
E - Scripture says 'And (he) walked with God, and he was no longer, for God had taken him.' (English transliteration)
F - When the great flood begins: '... the same day were all the _____ of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.'
G - The second of four rivers that branched from a river in Eden: Pishon, ___, Hiddekel, Euphrates.
H - A son of Noah
I - The name given to Jacob by an angel whom he wrestled. (English transliteration)
J - Grandfather of Methuselah
K - Abraham's second wife
L - Brother-in-law to one patriarch, both father-in-law and uncle to another
M - 'The Cave of the Patriarchs,' burial place of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
N - He was 'a mighty hunter before the LORD.'
O - Pharaoh gave Joseph Asenath (Osnat) as his wife; she was the daughter of Potiphera, priest of ___. (= Greek Heliopolis)
P - Captain of pharaoh's palace guard to whom Joseph was sold as a slave
Q - Along with his bow, one of the items Isaac told Esau to take to the field to bring home venison
R - What Abraham offered as a burnt offering instead of sacrificing his son
S - A patriarch's wife whose name means princess or a woman of high rank
T - Father of Abraham
U - Probable birthplace of Abraham
V - Isaac pitched his tent in the ___ of Gerar, and dwelt there. The 'a' answer was king of this place.
W - And God said: 'Let there be a firmament in the midst of the ____,' ....
Y - The name Jacob in Hebrew (transliterated)
Z - A son of Jacob and Leah

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