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Can you name the people, places and things in the Book of Daniel?

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A - (7:9) Daniel 'beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the ____ _ ____ did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool...' (3 words)
B - (10:1) The name given to Daniel in Babylon.
C - (2:2) The Babylonian king called upon men of this nationality to interpret his dreams; known as magi.
D - (5:31) He succeeded Belshazzar as king.
E - (11:8) In the vision of the warring kings, the Kingdom of the South is identified as ___.
F - (3:14) The king ordered that three Jews who refused to bow down before the idol be cast into a fiery ____.
G - (8:16) He appears to give Daniel an interpretation of his vision of the ram and goat.
H - (7:7) In Daniel's vision, the fourth beast from the sea had ten of these on its head.
I - (2:33) In the king's vision of the four kingdoms, the enormous figure had legs of ___.
J - (1:1) The Babylonians conquered Judah during the reign of this king of Judah.
K - The section of the Hebrew Bible where the Book of Daniel is found.
L - (7:4) In Daniel's vision, the first beast from the sea was like a ___ with eagle's wings.
M - (1:6) The Babylonian name given to Daniel's companion Misha'el.
N - (4:3) Who said about God: 'How great are His signs! and how mighty are His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom ...'
O - (4:25) Daniel tells that king that in his predicted madness, he will eat grass like these beasts of the field.
P - (1:12) Daniel asked that he and his friends be given a diet of ___ and water rather than partaking of 'the King's meat.' [some versions render this word 'vegetables']
Q - Incomplete copies of the Book of Daniel have been found in caves at this site.
R - (8:3) Daniel had a vision of this animal with two horns, one higher than the other.
S - (1:6) The Babylonian name given to Daniel's companion Hananiah.
T - (10:4) Daniel refers to this river by its Hebrew name, Hiddekel, beside which he sees a man with a face like lightning.
U - (5:25) A hand wrote these words on the wall of Belshazzar's palace: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, _____.
V - (2:19) Secrets and interpretations of dreams come to Daniel several times in night ____.
W - (5:27) In Daniel's interpretation of the writing on Belshazzar's wall, the basic meaning of TEKEL/TEQEL is ___.

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