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Can you name the Harry Potter characters?

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Main focus of the seriesMale
Received 50house points for playing wizard chessMale
Ron's wife Female
Student nemisis of Harry Male
A friendly half giantMale
Headmaster who dies in the 6th bookMale
Head of Slytherin houseMale
Deputy head at HogwartsFemale
Charms teacher Male
Grows mandrakes Female
Killed NaginiMale
The Dark Lord Male
Cute house elf murdered by BellatrixMale
Killed the prisoner of AzkabanFemale
Harry's God fath Male
Sent his own son to Azkaban Male
Pretended to be a rat for half of his lifeMale
Harry's motherFemale
Harry's auntieFemale
Draco's motherFemale

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