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Hagrid's pet AcromantulaA
Lives in the chamber of secretsB
Unforgivable curseC
Actor who plays HarryD
Disarming spellE
Book on strange animalsF
Hogwarts house homed to Harry G
These things include Harry,Tom Riddle's diary and NaginiH
Small pixie like beastI
An overgrown ferretJ
A cat like spotty creatureK
Draco's fatherL
Family who live in Malfoy Manor M
Nearly headless ghostN
Beast found in the Far East of IndiaO
Dumbledore's had one called FawkesP
Magazine edited by Luna's dadQ
Voldemort's second nameR
Password to enter Dumbledore's officeS
Voldemort's real nameT
DADA teacher who took over the school U
Tri wizard championV
Moving tree on the grounds of Hogwarts W
Luna Lovegood's dadX
Also known as Big footY
Remove the first letter from a wizard prisonZ

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