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Can you name the Game Of Thrones Characters? (SPOILERS)

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HintAnswerDead or Alive?
Lord Stark at the begining of the first seriesDead
Lady Stark at the begining Dead
King in the NorthDead
Supposed Bastard to Lord StarkAlive
Daughter (Stark)Alive
Daughter (Stark)Alive
Son (Stark)Alive
Son (Stark)Alive
Uncle/Brother (Stark)Supposed Dead
Younger Baratheon (rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms)Alive
King at the begining of the first seriesDead
Youngest Baratheon (names himself king)Dead
Lord of LannisterDead
Queen regentAlive
Dwarf younger brotherAlive
False former King of the Seven KingdomsDead
Recent King (brother to the false king)Alive
Sister to the two aboveAlive
Uncle of the Queen Regent, Kingsalyer and the DwarfAlive
HintAnswerDead or Alive?
The SpiderAlive
Grand MaesterAlive
Former commander of the City WatchAlive
Former master of coinAlive
Best friend of the bastard on the wallAlive
Other friend on the wallDead
Other friend on the wallDead
Other friend on the wallAlive
Lord who betrayed the King in the NorthAlive
Son of the betrayerAlive
Lord who got flayed by the aboveAlive
Lady GreyjoyAlive
Lord Greyjoy (father)Alive
The UnburntAlive
Lord Mormont helper to the Queen of WesterosAlive
Former Kingsguard now QueensguardAlive
Marries a lot o Kings (Tyrell)Alive
Brother to the aboveAlive
Lord TyrellAlive
Lord Tyrells motherAlive

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