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Can you name the Black Ops Campaign Levels?

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CountryCampaign LevelHint
CubaKill Fidel Castro
RussiaEscape from a Brutal Labor Camp
United StatesRecieve Orders from Kennedy to kill Dragovich
RussiaDestroy the Missle facilty and kill Dragovich
VietnamSearch for Soviet Presence in the area
VietnamRecieve info about NOVA 6
ChinaInterrogate Dr. Clarke
Arctic CircleLearn the origins of NOVA 6 and locate Dr. Steiner
CountryCampaign LevelHint
VietnamSearch for Soviet Presence in the area and find Kravchenko
VietnamLocate a Soviet Commercial aiplane carrying NOVA 6
Russia(Mt. Yamantau)Search for NOVA 6
VietnamFind and kill Kravchenko
RussiaLocate Dr. Steiner
United StatesReveal the truth
Gulf of Mexico/CubaDestroy the Numbers station and kill Dragovich

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