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Can you name the Philadelphia Phillies pitchers who have taken the loss in games decided by a score of 1-0 since 1960?

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DatePitcherOpponent (Winning Pitcher)
May 11, 1960Giants (Sam Jones)
May 12, 1960Giants (Jack Sanford)
May 13, 1960 (R)Reds (Jim O'Toole)
June 25, 1960Cardinals (Curt Simmons)
August 18, 1960Braves (Lew Burdette) (N)
August 20, 1960Braves (Bob Buhl)
September 6, 1961Braves (Warren Spahn)
June 8, 1963Reds (Jim O'Toole)
May 3, 1964Braves (Hank Fischer)
September 21, 1964Reds (John Tsitouris)
September 19, 1965 (R, 10)Pirates (Bob Veale)
September 27, 1965Cubs (Larry Jackson)
May 13, 1966Astros (Turk Farrell)
May 26, 1966 (R, 14)Giants (Juan Marichal)
June 9, 1966Reds (Joey Jay)
June 19, 1966Cardinals (Ray Washburn)
May 14, 1967Reds (Gary Nolan)
June 13, 1967Braves (Phil Niekro)
July 30, 1967Dodgers (Don Sutton)
August 13, 1967Cubs (Ferguson Jenkins)
August 29, 1967Reds (Gary Nolan)
September 15, 1967 (1st game)Dodgers (Bill Singer)
September 15, 1967 (2nd game)Dodgers (Don Drysdale)
September 19, 1967Cardinals (Dick Hughes)
September 27, 1967 (11)Astros (Mike Cuellar)
September 30, 1967Giants (Nestor Chavez)
April 30, 1968Mets (Don Cardwell)
June 29, 1968Pirates (Bob Moose)
August 11, 1968Dodgers (Don Drysdale)
June 17, 1969Mets (Gary Gentry)
July 20, 1969Cubs (Ferguson Jenkins)
September 27, 1969Mets (Tom Seaver)
September 11, 1970Expos (Carl Morton)
April 27, 1971Astros (Larry Dierker)
September 15, 1971Expos (Ernie McAnally)
June 16, 1972 (R, 11)Astros (Tom Griffin)
July 1, 1972Cardinals (Al Santorini)
July 16, 1973Reds (Fred Norman)
DatePitcherOpponent (Winning Pitcher)
April 25, 1974Dodgers (Tommy John)
May 29, 1974 (11)Braves (Tom House)
June 18, 1974Astros (Mike Cosgrove)
August 23, 1974Astros (Larry Dierker)
August 24, 1974Astros (Dave Roberts)
May 27, 1975 (R)Giants (John Montefusco)
July 16, 1976Giants (Ed Halicki)
September 1, 1976Astros (Bo McLaughlin)
September 3, 1976Mets (Tom Seaver)
September 19, 1976Cubs (Ray Burris)
September 14, 1977Mets (Nino Espinosa)
May 31, 1979Expos (Scott Sanderson)
July 19, 1979Giants (John Curtis)
June 26, 1980Expos (Scott Sanderson)
July 4, 1980 (R, 10)Cardinals (Bob Sykes)
September 5, 1980Dodgers (Don Sutton)
September 21, 1981 (R, 17)Expos (Bryn Smith)
June 11, 1982Pirates (Kent Tekulve)
October 1, 1982 (R, 10)Mets (Terry Leach)
June 1, 1983Dodgers (Bob Welch)
May 23, 1984Dodgers (Fernando Valenzuela)
April 16, 1985 (R, 10)Cubs (Dennis Eckersley)
April 19, 1985Mets (Dwight Gooden)
May 24, 1985Padres (Dave Dravecky)
April 30, 1986Astros (Mike Scott)
September 28, 1987Mets (John Candelaria)
August 10, 1988Cardinals (John Tudor)
September 8, 1988Cardinals (Larry McWilliams)
September 24, 1988 (6)Expos (Pascual Perez) (N)
May 29, 1989Padres (Bruce Hurst)
June 17, 1989Mets (Bob Ojeda)
July 22, 1989Astros (Jim Deshaies)
June 26, 1990Pirates (Scott Ruskin)
September 25, 1990Cardinals (Joe Magrane)
June 11, 1991 (R, 11)Astros (Al Osuna)
July 1, 1991Cardinals (Bryn Smith)
October 2, 1991Cubs (Greg Maddux)
August 2, 1992Expos (Chris Nabholz)
DatePitcherOpponent (Winning Pitcher)
April 30, 1994Giants (John Burkett)
June 15, 1994Mets (Bobby Jones)
June 6, 1995Padres (Fernando Valenzuela)
June 28, 1995Reds (C.J. Nitkowski)
August 4, 1995Reds (John Smiley)
April 19, 1996 (R)Cardinals (Cory Bailey)
April 20, 1996 (R)Cardinals (Alan Benes)
June 29, 1996Expos (Jeff Fassero)
August 26, 1996Giants (William VanLandingham)
March 31, 1998 (R, 14)Mets (Turk Wendell)
April 29, 1998Reds (Pete Harnisch)
September 26, 1998 (R)Marlins (Rob Stanifer)
May 30, 1999 (R)Rockies (Darryl Kile)
September 2, 2000 (R, 10)Dodgers (Matt Herges)
September 12, 2000Expos (Tony Armas, Jr.)
September 27, 2000Cubs (Kerry Wood)
May 23, 2002 (R)Mets (Scott Strickland)
July 2, 2003 (R)Cubs (Kyle Farnsworth)
July 21, 2005Dodgers (Odalis Perez)
July 19, 2007Padres (Chris Young)
April 2, 2008Nationals (Tim Redding)
May 6, 2009 (R)Mets (Johan Santana)
May 30, 2010Marlins (Anibal Sanchez)
August 7, 2010Mets (Johan Santana)
August 13, 2010Mets (R.A. Dickey)
October 7, 2011 (D)Cardinals (Chris Carpenter)
April 18, 2012 (R, 11)Giants (Clay Hensley)
April 16, 2013 (R)Reds (Aroldis Chapman)
September 27, 2013Braves (Kris Medlen)
April 16, 2014Braves (Julio Teheran)
September 15, 2014Padres (Andrew Cashner)
June 12, 2015 (R, 13)Pirates (Antonio Bastardo)
June 14, 2015 (R, 11)Pirates (Antonio Bastardo)
July 21, 2015Rays (Nathan Karns)
September 24, 2015Marlins (Bryan Morris)
May 21, 2017Pirates (Wade LeBlanc)

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