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Can you name the Philadelphia Phillies to hit pinch-hit home runs from 1980-99?

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DatePlayerOpponent (Pitcher)
June 6, 1981Braves (John Montefusco)
October 2, 1981 (W)Cubs (Dick Tidrow)
October 10, 1981 (D, W)Expos (Jeff Reardon)
June 24, 1982Cardinals (Mark Littell)
April 7, 1983Mets (Craig Swan)
June 26, 1983 (1)Mets (Tom Seaver)
July 15, 1983Reds (Mario Soto)
September 2, 1983 (G, W)Giants (Gary Lavelle)
April 11, 1984Astros (Bill Dawley)
April 25, 1984Pirates (Cecilo Guante)
May 11, 1984Padres (Dave Dravecky)
June 24, 1984Pirates (Kent Tekulve)
June 25, 1984Mets (Ron Darling)
July 24, 1984Cubs (Tim Stoddard)
July 25, 1984Cubs (Rich Bordi)
July 29, 1984 (W)Expos (Jeff Reardon)
August 30, 1984 (1)Giants (Mark Davis)
September 12, 1984 (2)Cardinals (Bruce Sutter)
May 12, 1985Mets (Ron Darling)
May 27, 1985Padres (Mark Thurmond)
June 27, 1985Cardinals (Kurt Kepshire)
September 15, 1985Pirates (Rick Reuschel)
June 25, 1986Cubs (Ray Fontenot)
August 7, 1986Cardinals (John Tudor)
August 13, 1986Mets (Randy Myers)
August 16, 1986 (2)Pirates (Larry McWilliams)
DatePlayerOpponent (Pitcher)
August 19, 1986Giants (Scott Garrelts)
September 25, 1986Cardinals (Ricky Horton)
June 17, 1987Cubs (Jamie Moyer)
June 27, 1987Mets (Jesse Orosco)
July 7, 1987Reds (John Franco)
September 30, 1987 (W)Mets (Jesse Orosco)
September 11, 1988Pirates (Scott Medvin)
August 10, 1989Cubs (Paul Kilgus)
August 17, 1989Dodgers (Alejandro Pena)
August 21, 1989Padres (Dennis Rasmussen)
May 26, 1990Braves (Pete Smith)
June 5, 1990Cardinals (Frank DiPino)
July 20, 1990Reds (Norm Charlton)
August 21, 1990Dodgers (Tim Crews)
June 30, 1991Mets (Dwight Gooden)
September 17, 1991Cardinals (Ken Hill)
April 10, 1992Pirates (Randy Tomlin)
July 6, 1992Giants (Bud Black)
July 7, 1992 (2)Giants (Mike Jackson)
July 8, 1992Giants (John Burkett)
July 30, 1993Pirates (Bob Walk)
September 7, 1993Cubs (Randy Myers)
May 24, 1994Cardinals (Mike Perez)
July 15, 1994 (2)Dodgers (Todd Worrell)
August 6, 1994Expos (John Wetteland)
April 26, 1995Cardinals (Vicente Palacios)
DatePlayerOpponent (Pitcher)
May 17, 1995Marlins (Richie Lewis)
June 15, 1995 (W)Astros (John Hudek)
July 24, 1995 (P)Rockies (Bryan Rekar)
July 26, 1995 (2)Pirates (Jason Christiansen)
August 20, 1995Giants (Shawn Barton)
August 23, 1995 (G)Padres (Dustin Hermanson)
May 5, 1996Braves (John Smoltz)
June 1, 1996Padres (Willie Blair)
June 22, 1996Rockies (Kevin Ritz)
August 20, 1996Dodgers (Antonio Osuna)
September 13, 1996Cubs (Steve Trachsel)
May 26, 1997 (1)Reds (John Smiley)
June 10, 1997Expos (Omar Daal)
June 23, 1997Marlins (Rob Stanifer)
April 28, 1998Reds (Stan Belinda)
June 16, 1998 (W)Pirates (Rich Loiselle)
July 24, 1998 (2)Marlins (Andy Larkin)
August 1, 1998Giants (Robb Nen)
September 8, 1998Mets (Mel Rojas)
May 14, 1999Mets (Masato Yoshii)
August 15, 1999Reds (Stan Belinda)
August 30, 1999Giants (Russ Ortiz)
September 20, 1999Brewers (Scott Karl)
October 1, 1999Expos (Steve Kline)

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