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Can you name the Philadelphia Phillies to hit home runs leading off the first inning since 1950?

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DatePlayerOpponent (Pitcher)
September 28, 1950 (2)Giants (Sheldon Jones)
May 13, 1951 (1)Giants (Larry Jansen)
May 13, 1952Cubs (Joe Hatten)
April 26, 1953 (1)Pirates (Bob Friend)
June 10, 1953 (2)Cubs (Warren Hacker)
June 6, 1954Cardinals (Bill Greason)
April 21, 1955Dodgers (Russ Meyer)
July 10, 1959Cardinals (Vinegar Bend Mizell)
July 6, 1960Braves (Bob Buhl)
October 1, 1960Reds (Jim Maloney)
June 24, 1961Pirates (Vinegar Bend Mizell)
July 22, 1961Cubs (Glen Hobbie)
August 6, 1961 (2)Cardinals (Bob Gibson)
September 23, 1961Pirates (Al Jackson)
May 20, 1962 (1)Cubs (Cal Koonce)
April 26, 1964Cubs (Fred Norman)
June 21, 1964 (2)Mets (Frank Lary)
May 19, 1965Cardinals (Tracy Stallard)
June 13, 1965Astros (Claude Raymond)
September 18, 1965Pirates (Bob Friend)
September 29, 1965Cubs (Bob Hendley)
April 24, 1966Reds (Sammy Ellis)
May 7, 1966Pirates (Tommie Sisk)
October 2, 1966 (1)Dodgers (Don Drysdale)
April 30, 1967 (2)Braves (Bob Bruce)
July 14, 1967Braves (Tony Cloninger)
September 24, 1967Dodgers (John Duffie)
June 12, 1969Dodgers (Bill Singer)
June 22, 1969 (2)Pirates (Steve Blass)
July 27, 1969Astros (Denny Lemaster)
June 3, 1970Reds (Gary Nolan)
June 22, 1970 (2)Expos (Steve Renko)
July 27, 1970Astros (Claude Osteen)
July 13, 1973Astros (Don Wilson)
August 25, 1973Dodgers (Al Downing)
April 27, 1974Padres (Randy Jones)
June 15, 1975Dodgers (Doug Rau)
May 31, 1977Pirates (Larry Demery)
September 4, 1977Reds (Fred Norman)
June 2, 1978Dodgers (Burt Hooton)
August 11, 1978Pirates (Bruce Kison)
August 19, 1978Giants (John Montefusco)
August 24, 1978Dodgers (Tommy John)
August 29, 1978Padres (Bob Owchinko)
September 24, 1978Mets (Nino Espinosa)
June 22, 1979Expos (Ross Grimsley)
July 31, 1979Cubs (Mike Krukow)
August 21, 1979Braves (Rick Matula)
July 27, 1980Braves (Rick Matula)
May 16, 1982Giants (Atlee Hammaker)
June 9, 1983Cardinals (Joaquin Andjuar)
June 24, 1983Mets (Craig Swan)
September 2, 1983Giants (Renie Martin)
DatePlayerOpponent (Pitcher)
April 22, 1984Mets (Ron Darling)
July 29, 1984Expos (Bill Gullickson)
August 11, 1984Cardinals (Joaquin Andujar)
June 11, 1985Mets (Tom Gorman)
June 13, 1985Mets (Ed Lynch)
July 4, 1985Reds (Mario Soto)
July 21, 1985Reds (Joe Price)
September 3, 1985Giants (Atlee Hammaker)
June 20, 1986Cardinals (Bob Forsch)
July 7, 1986Braves (David Palmer)
August 17, 1986Pirates (Rick Reuschel)
June 30, 1987Pirates (Doug Drabek)
September 8, 1987Mets (Sid Fernandez)
September 13, 1987Pirates (Brian Fisher)
May 30, 1988Padres (Ed Whitson)
July 7, 1988Reds (Danny Jackson)
July 14, 1988Astros (Mike Scott)
August 26, 1988Dodgers (Tim Belcher)
August 31, 1988Giants (Rick Reuschel)
September 14, 1988Cardinals (Greg Mathews)
April 26, 1989Astros (Jim Deshaies)
May 3, 1989Braves (John Smoltz)
May 5, 1989Reds (Tom Browning)
May 16, 1989Giants (Atlee Hammaker)
June 15, 1989Pirates (Doug Drabek)
June 16, 1989Mets (David Cone)
August 1, 1990Cardinals (Ken Hill)
August 25, 1990Giants (Don Robinson)
April 24, 1991Mets (Wally Whitehurst)
August 7, 1992Expos (Chris Nabholz)
September 11, 1992Pirates (Bob Walk)
April 29, 1993Padres (Frank Seminara)
June 19, 1993Marlins (Jack Armstrong)
July 6, 1993Dodgers (Pedro Astacio)
August 30, 1993Cubs (Frank Castillo)
April 20, 1994Giants (Bill Swift)
May 1, 1994Giants (Bill Swift)
May 22, 1994Mets (Pete Smith)
May 25, 1995Giants (Mark Leiter)
April 16, 1996Expos (Jose Paniagua)
May 2, 1999Dodgers (Kevin Brown)
July 15, 1999Red Sox (Brian Rose)
August 23, 1999Padres (Woody Williams)
April 8, 2000Astros (Dwight Gooden)
May 4, 2001Giants (Livan Hernandez)
May 11, 2001Diamondbacks (Curt Schilling)
May 19, 2001Cardinals (Andy Benes)
May 31, 2001Expos (Hideki Irabu)
August 9, 2001Padres (Kevin Jarvis)
September 8, 2001Expos (Tomo Ohka)
May 16, 2002Diamondbacks (Randy Johnson)
May 17, 2002Diamondbacks (Miguel Batista)
August 6, 2002Padres (Oliver Perez)
DatePlayerOpponent (Pitcher)
August 27, 2002Expos (Masato Yoshii)
August 30, 2002Mets (Pedro Astacio)
August 6, 2003Rockies (Chin-Hui Tsao)
August 15, 2003Cardinals (Woody Williams)
August 26, 2003Expos (Zach Day)
May 5, 2004Cardinals (Woody Williams)
May 9, 2004Diamondbacks (Steve Sparks)
June 2, 2004Mets (Tom Glavine)
August 1, 2004Cubs (Greg Maddux)
August 6, 2004Dodgers (Kazuhisa Ishii)
September 9, 2004Braves (Russ Ortiz)
April 20, 2005Rockies (Jamey Wright)
June 18, 2005Athletics (Kirk Saarloos)
September 25, 2005Reds (Randy Keisler)
September 26, 2005Mets (Jae Seo)
April 13, 2006Braves (Kyle Davies)
May 4, 2006Braves (John Thomson)
June 13, 2006Mets (Tom Glavine)
August 2, 2006Cardinals (Jeff Weaver)
April 12, 2007Mets (Tom Glavine)
April 23, 2007Astros (Chris Sampson)
June 15, 2007Tigers (Jeremy Bonderman)
July 7, 2007Rockies (Rodrigo Lopez)
July 14, 2007Cardinals (Mike Maroth)
August 19, 2007Pirates (Ian Snell)
August 29, 2007Mets (Oliver Perez)
September 1, 2007Marlins (Byung-Hyun Kim)
September 25, 2007Braves (Chuck James)
October 4, 2007 (NLDS)Rockies (Franklin Morales)
April 7, 2008Reds (Bronson Arroyo)
June 16, 2008Red Sox (Bartolo Colon)
October 5, 2008 (NLDS)Brewers (Jeff Suppan)
October 15, 2008 (NLCS)Dodgers (Chad Billingsley)
May 22, 2009Yankees (A.J. Burnett)
July 5, 2009Mets (Johan Santana)
August 25, 2009Pirates (Ross Ohlendorf)
September 6, 2009Astros (Bud Norris)
September 27, 2009Brewers (Dave Bush)
April 11, 2010Astros (Roy Oswalt)
September 1, 2010Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw)
September 24, 2010Mets (R.A. Dickey)
May 9, 2011Marlins (Javier Vazquez)
August 17, 2011Diamondbacks (Joe Saunders)
May 13, 2012Padres (Jeff Suppan)
June 21, 2012Rockies (Jeff Francis)
August 8, 2012Braves (Tim Hudson)
August 14, 2012Marlins (Josh Johnson)
September 14, 2012Astros (Edgar Gonzalez)
September 19, 2012Mets (Matt Harvey)
May 10, 2013Diamondbacks (Ian Kennedy)
July 20, 2013Mets (Zack Wheeler)
May 18, 2014Reds (Tony Cingrani)

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