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Can you name the Philadelphia Phillies to hit grand slams from 1970 to 1989?

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DatePlayerOpponent (Pitcher)
July 16, 1970Padres (Ron Willis)
July 19, 1970 (1) (ph)Dodgers (Jim Brewer)
August 2, 1970 (w)Giants (Mike Dawson)
April 11, 1971Expos (Howie Reed)
June 20, 1971 (2)Mets (Ron Taylor)
August 28, 1971 (2) (p)Giants (Don McMahon)
June 19, 1973Mets (Harry Parker)
June 27, 1973 (2)Mets (Phil Hennigan)
August 19, 1973Astros (Jerry Reuss)
June 24, 1974 (p)Expos (Chuck Taylor)
August 6, 1974Cubs (Jim Todd)
June 13, 1975Dodgers (Andy Messersmith)
April 24, 1976Dodgers (Andy Messersmith)
May 5, 1976Astros (Joe Niekro)
June 27, 1976Cardinals (Lynn McGlothen)
July 2, 1976Pirates (Jerry Reuss)
July 25, 1976Pirates (Dave Giusti)
August 1, 1976 (1)Mets (Bob Apodaca)
August 3, 1976 (2)Cubs (Steve Stone)
June 11, 1977Braves (Joey McLaughlin)
June 22, 1977Reds (Joe Hoerner)
July 5, 1977Mets (Rick Baldwin)
July 30, 1977Giants (Randy Moffitt)
August 18, 1977Expos (Wayne Twitchell)
September 27, 1977 (p)Cubs (Dennis Lamp)
April 30, 1978 (ph)Padres (Bob Shirley)
DatePlayerOpponent (Pitcher)
June 3, 1978 (ph, w)Dodgers (Terry Forster)
July 8, 1978 (1) (ph)Expos (Rudy May)
April 17, 1979Pirates (Enrique Romo)
August 5, 1979 (1)Pirates (Bert Blyleven)
September 19, 1979 (1)Pirates (Enrique Romo)
April 22, 1980Mets (John Pacella)
June 30, 1980Expos (Bill Gullickson)
August 23, 1981Astros (Bob Knepper)
August 14, 1982Expos (Ray Burris)
August 22, 1982Reds (Mario Soto)
April 13, 1983 (w)Mets (Neil Allen)
July 11, 1983Reds (Tom Hume)
July 20, 1983Astros (Mike Scott)
August 15, 1983Cubs (Lee Smith)
September 2, 1983 (ph, w)Giants (Gary LaVelle)
May 16, 1984 (p)Dodgers (Fernando Valenzuela)
June 11, 1985Mets (Calvin Schiraldi)
July 22, 1985Astros (Joe Niekro)
September 27, 1985Cubs (Ray Fontenot)
June 29, 1986Cardinals (Todd Worrell)
July 29, 1986Cardinals (Ray Burris)
April 26, 1987Pirates (Rick Reuschel)
August 12, 1987Cubs (Ed Lynch)
July 16, 1988Astros (Dave Smith)
April 29, 1989Reds (Danny Jackson)
September 17, 1989 (1, w)Cardinals (Matt Kinzer)

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