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Forced Order
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Germany declares war on Russia
Russian army defeated at Tannenburg
Russian army defeated at Masurian Lakes
Tsar Nicholas II takes charge of armed forces
Progressive bloc in Duma calls for reform of ministers
Tsar dismisses Duma
Rasputin Murdered
150 000 demonstrate in memory of Bloody Sunday
Putilov Steel works strike
International Women's day marches
Duma defies Tsar's order to disband
Petrograd Garrison Mutiny- Petrograd Soviet formed-Provisional committee assumes authority
Soviet order No.1
Abdication of the Tsar- Provisional Government formed
Lenin arrives at Finland station in Petrograd
Lenin announces his April theses
Riots in Petrograd against Provisional Government's handling of the war
Trotsky returns to Russia
Coalition Government introduced, including soviet leaders
Kerensky's June Military Offensive begins
July days
Kerensky becomes Prime Minister
Kornilov appointed Supreme Commander of the armed forces
Kornilov affair
Bolsheviks achieve majority in both the Moscow and Petrograd Soviet
Trotsky elected chairman of Petrograd Soviet
October Revolution begins. The Bolshevik Central Committee declares that “an armed uprising is inevitable”. The Petrograd Soviet creates Military Revolutionary Committee (MRC).
Kerensky closes bolshevik newspapers. COUNTER REV
Lenin announces that the Bolsheviks have seized power.
MRC arrest provisional government members in the winter palace
Formation of the Sovnarkom
Finland Independence
Criminal justice system abolished-replaced with peoples court
The Cheka is created
All financial institutions nationalised/ rank and salute abolished

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