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Forced Order
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Social Democratic worker's party formed
Socialist Revolutionary party formed
Lenin's 'what is to be done' published
The Social Democratic Worker's Party splits into bolshevik and Menshevik factions
Japanese attack on Port Arthur sparks Russo-Japanese War
Assassination of Minister of the Interior, Plehve by sr's
104 delegates from zemstvos across Russia meet and propose a ‘national assembly of zemstvos‘.-st petersburg
Port Arthur surrenders to Japanese
Dismissal of four workers from Putilov steel works in St Petersburg sparks widespread discontent and industrial action
Major strikes in St Petersburg
Bloody Sunday
Further Industrial strikes
Grand Duke Sergei, the much-hated former governor of Moscow and an uncle of the tsar, is assassinated by an SR agent.
Russian defeat at Mukden
Second National Zemstvo Congress for Constituent Assembly
Union of Unions Formed
Russian defeat in battle of Tsushima
Potemkin Mutiny
Treaty of Portsmouth signed ending Russo-Japanese war
Constitutional Democrats (Kadets) formed
St Petersburg paralysed by strikes
October Manifesto issued
Octoberists formed
Moscow Soviet formed
Moscow uprising suppressed by force
Laws passed to allow rights to assembly and association
Sergei Witte dismissed as Prime Minister
Fundamental Laws (Constitution) passed
First Duma opens
Stolypin appointed Prime Minister, agrarian reform, political repression
First Duma dissolved
Assasaination attempt on Stolypin
Second Duma opens
Second Duma dissolved and new electoral laws passed
Third Duma opens (in session until 1912)
Stolypin assassinated
Fourth Duma opens (in session until 1914)
Throughout the year the split between the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks is confirmed.

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