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Forced Order
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Cutting back and forth between two events occurring simultaneously.
In editing, a fade from one image to another.
A basic edit when shot is replaced by another.
In an edited sequence, ‘cut in’ refers to a shot that shows part of the action in detail.
n an edited sequence, ‘cut away’ refers to a shot edited in that is unrelated to the action.
The screen is black, a shot gradually appears. This often signifies the beginning of a sequence.
An image gradually fades to black. This often signifies the end of a sequence.
A cut between two shots where the camera position moves only slightly but the subject moves considerably, making them appear to jump across the screen. This editing techniques is o
A cut or dissolve between two visually similar images. One of the most famous examples of this is in 2001: A Space Odyssey, when Stanley Kubrick cuts between a shot of a bone flung
In Hollywood films, a montage is a short sequence that shows the condensed progression of time.
Cutting between two scenes that are occurring simultaneously.
Cutting between two characters who are looking offscreen in different directions, creating the impression that they’re talking to each other.
A transition that wipes from one image to another.

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