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Forced Order
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democracy in athens
Ionian revolt
Darius suppresses revolt
First Persian expedition to greece
battle of marathon
Ostracism introduced in Athens
Death of Darius- succesion of xerxes
silver discovered/ ships built
Second Persian expedition /Artemisium/ Thermopylae/ salamis/Athens destroyed
Battle of Plataea
Foundation of Delian league
Ostracism of Themistocles
Earthquake and Helot revolt
Pericles rules Athens
Delian treasury moved to Athens
Peace of Callias ends persian- greek war
building of the parthenon begins
Peloponnesian war begins
Plague at Athens
Death of Pericles
Athenians capture Sphacteria
Brasidad and Cleon killed in northen greece
Peace of Nicias
Athenians destroy Melos
The sicilian expedition
defeat of athens in Sicily
Defeat of Athens- rule of thirty
Restoration of democracy in Athens
Trial and execution of Socrates

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