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Forced Order
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Tell me from your heart Tearing me apart
Ripping apart all these things I have tried to stop Falling all this time
Head trip for the mortal earthbound One sip of the blood that I found Lying here Im dying here
All you people can suck my motherfuckin' dick
And the planet may go astray In a million years I say Those **** were all deranged
Smashed and raped Not again This is a real crime
It seems funny to me How **** things can be
Feeling complacent I cannot be contained I'm so lost and lonely now
And I wish there was something Please tell me there's something better
Each day confronted with what I have done You pull me closer I push you away
Sometimes I wish I could be strong like you It doesn't matter
You pumpkin pie I'll jack off in your eye
I can't believe this happened The fear starts to grab hold Then anger starts to take over I will not be controlled
So I take my face and bash it into a mirror
Hate is all around If you see what I see
None of you people mean **** to me Sadistic little **** fantasy
Feeling animosity When no one else is around Blindly I scream into the air Eating my heart off the ground
I don't want this to go away I'm so scared
I like to lose hope Recede and cope Like a beautiful rape These things aren't they great
Take advantage of what I feel yes you do
I'd rather be dead than carry on
Break you down Mercy I cannot allow Through your face My fist will plow Watching as your blood pours down
You expect to grab a child You think I'm innocent not wild
I am living without you You think everything will be fine I find making it hard to lie Realize nothing is left inside
Shut me off I'm ready Heart stops I stand alone Can't be my own
Everybody's an Enemy telling me lies and it's killing me
You can see I tried this all for you You can see I dispise all of you
Lately things won't go my way Lately everything is grey
Give me a sign this is gay Give me some guidance so I pray
I'll never love again. I won't ever have to pretend
Make them die and go away
Tell me I'm a pussy and you're harder than me
Which one which one of you is into me Which one which one of me is into you
I'll behave Oh my god Make me beg My god
How many times a day must I die Nothing's gonna work today I'm killing time
Take off in space You and I
Wake up It’s almost over
Hey you hey you devils little sister
I'm down on my knees The stress makes me bleed It feels like they're all stabbing me
Give them something to say Something super fly never played
All I do is look for you I need my fix you need it too
Feeling like I'm on a plane that's going down
Don't wanna be rude but I have to Nothing's good about the hell you put me through
Your heart stops beating black orgasm
I see your faces and I do not understand why each time I dream your standing there right by my side
Now we waste our lives away Letting guilt lead the way
Simply I wish you were dead
We got a problem and I think it's going to make us go down
Right now feeling pain Make it go away
The last thing I would like to do before I go away is cry there next to you
Am I insane and dazed
Slowly watch me die I’m insane so dangerous Don’t you dare get in my way
Each day more frightening all of us wanna die
I'm taking over I won't be lead astray Life's doesn't last long I gotta get away
Please be aware that I am you Nothing could be more certain
You came into my life Without a single thing I gave into your ways Which left me with nothing
I wish you could see the world through my eyes
You are not my real mother Should I beat and stab and **** her
**** up shut up All you did back then was score
We are the hurt inside your head Lost in the Valley of what is dead
Sometimes things get in the way My thoughts I cannot convey
Falling awake in a nightmare Images of horror abound
Oh god the feelings I feel Would get me thrown in a cage
I hate writing **** it is so stupid what's my problem today maybe i'm despressed maybe I'm not listening to what comes out of my hand
Re entering my head Feeling like I'm God With the world around me
Where do you go when no one's there
The patient's hanging out The trees have all burnt to the ground
I cannot ever find a way to throw these darkened thoughts away
At least you could look at me While you're raping me
Wait You were my friend
They tell me to hurt myself
My life is such a waste Begging for something to work this time
All my friends are gone, they died
I can't stand the sight of you
It came unknown to me Paranoid it's controlling all of me
I never knew what i was gonna be somebody saw what i couldn't see
do you really want to see the torment hatred of this world
I'm not doing great I feel like I'm dead Not thinking straight
I know that your so **** lonely
Everyone's out to take your joy away
How many times have you been misguided How many times have your hopes been smited This life means nothing to me.
Something's raped and taken from me
Mary had a little lamb who's fleece was white as snow
I feel the world so different Than any one of you
And In addition to recording the collision
This illness is like a monster that is eating us alive
Falling through this space and time Buried in this hurt of mine
Everyone's corrupt You should just shut up
This sunny Sunday Is a good day to go
I'm feeling mean today My life's not thrown away Just irritated and quite hated Self control breaks down
What really do I have to follow Nothing makes sense at all
Don't say nothing just listen Got me a plan to break Tyson out of prison
Go past the school the church the places that caused us hurt we're done
I can't remember the day when I lied and cried
And I'll lay back and fade away
Do you ever see outside your fears Thinking about your life Thinking about your inner fears
Feeling it grab hold what can I say
Must you keep looking at me before you looked the other way
If you were me what would you do
I know whats wrong with you That **** up part of you
I can't live with all your lies again
And everybody’s peaking No ones makes a sound The shadows are deceiving
I Can't Wait To Rip My Eyes Out And Look At You
Why don't you just leave me alone. My heart is gonna break from the fall
I'm gonna try I'm gonna die
I keep asking what's your lie
We got a **** up reason to live Who really gives a ****
Birds are circling above They're called back to a waiting glove
Hold me now I've been knocking down Killing all these waves of shame
All day I dream about ****
Choke choke again I find my demons were my friends Getting me in the end They're out to get me
I don't know why I'm so **** cold I don't know why it hurts me
You and me we have no faces Soon our lives will be erased
Deeper and deeper and deeper is all I'm turning to
Immersed in this hypnotic spell Influenced by the hate that swells I'm not terrified anymore There's nothing left but open sores
You wanted to play The coldness follows
Little old lady at home Writing out a check to send
I need to make the decisions I need to make it right
Be my neighbor
Hate turns to shame By praising you adoring fool
You raped I feel dirty It hurt as a child Tied down That's a good boy and **** your own child
Like some god damn **** freak
Fighting to survive There's no tomorrow Fighting to survive There's no today
Feeling things crawl on me I need my fix today
Misery often misleads It creates things we can not see
I'm just a child with the tears in it's eyes
Standing inside rotting away
I'm running down in a pool of sin Letting go giving in
We are the pain We are the shame We've gone insane Inside where no ones around
You see beauty I see pain You see sky and I see acid rain
It's all related to All the things I do
What were you thinking I guess i'll never know See your eyes blinking Pupils begin to grow
I've never really thought about it that much
I feel the anger changing me
Am I wasting my time
Our love turned to hate but we stayed by each others side
Full of sorrow you raped and stole my pride
It's not wrong to let go And let the woman ride you For **** sake don't lose touch With the dog that's inside you
Tie him in a bag Throw him in the ocean Then see if he is sad
You're gonna waste your time Your life will soon be mine
All your faces I can see You all think it's about me
You want me to be something I can never ever be!
My wheels keep spinning backwards They're spinning round and round and round
I'm the spectator The motivator Shut up shut up And do it to yourself
Each day I feel so hollow inside always beating me

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