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Forced Order
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Why is Four afraid of his father?
Which faction teaches bravery/fighting/etc?
What faction is Tris originally from?
What faction is Four originally from?
How many rounds of initiate training are there in Dauntless?
What faction does Tris tansfer to?
What syrum does Abnegation have access to?
Who does Tris meet at the Dauntless initiation who develops a crush on her?
What syrum does Amity use?
Who does Christina fall in love with?
Which faction teaches selflessness?
What is Four's last name?
Which faction believes in intelligence?
What is Tris' last name?
Who does Tris fall in love with?
What faction does Tris' brother, Caleb, transfer to?
Which faction teaches peace?
What is Four's job in Dauntless?
Who gets stabbed with a butter knife?
What syrum does Candor use during their initiation?
How did Four get his nickname (his nickname is ¨Four¨)
What faction is Jeanine from?
What is Tris' full name?
What is Four's real name?
Which faction teaches honesty?
What is Al's signature sent?

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