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What is the capital of the Australian state South Australia?
A_ _L_ _D_ 
Who was President of America from 1977-1981?
Jam my Tricer (anagram) 
For what 1987 film was Meryl Streep nominated for an Oscar?
Fe nettle 
What is the name of the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula?
Gusta (anagram) 
What is the name given to the gap between the liquid and the cork in a bottle of wine?
U_ _ A_ _  
Which band released the album Fair Warning in 1981?
Type of transport, type of precipitation, 14th letter of the alphabet 
In which 1995 film did Sylvester Stallone star alongside Diane Lane?
_U_G_/ _R_D_ 
Who married the English singer Seal in 2005?
Mid hil uke (anagram) 
What is the nickname of the ice hockey team from Columbus?
Navy, upper body garments 
Which desert is found in Peru and Chile and is known as the driest place on earth?
A_ _ C_ _ A 
What is the nickname of the basketball team from Portland?
Path, fire, they're found on your head 
In Norse mythology what is the name given the female figures who decide who will die in battle?
V_ _ K_ _ _ E_ 
In which 1992 film did Tommy Lee Jones play enemy William Strannix?
I Greed Sune (anagram) 
Edmonton is the capital of which Canadian province?
Mr. Gore, Mr. Reynolds, first letter of the alphabet 
Which river, found in Russia, is the longest in Europe?
Which desert straddles the US-Mexico border?
Dog, 14th letter of the alphabet 
In Greek mythology, who is the son of Zeus and Leto and the brother of Artemis?
A_ _ _ _ O 
Charlene McGee is the main character in which Stephen King novel?
Ref rate stir (anagram) 
Martin Cooper is known as the inventor of the what?
M_ _ _ L_ /_H_N_ 
Who was British Prime Minister from 1945-1951?
Freshwater mussels, a type of insect, fedora, Hawaiin garland 
What is the capital of Sardinia?
Aci grial (anagram) 
Who was Roman Emperor from AD14-37?
T_ _E_ I_ _ 
Which British-New Zealander won the 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry?
The rud fern storer (anagram) 
What animal appears on the flag of Dominica?
Chemical symbol for Protactinium, to wear away 
Who was Prime Minister of Italy at the outbreak of World War I?
A_ _ O_ _ O / / / / / / / / S_ _ A_ _ R_ 
What is the capital of the French region of Lorraine?
Temz (anagram) 
Which Swede, 1707-1778, was known as the father of modern taxonomy?
C_R_ /_I_N_E_ _ 
Who commanded American military operations in the Vietnam war from 1964-1968?
Mr. Taft, cardinal point, James Bond 1973-1985, earth 
What is the name of Beyonce's singing sister?
Loan egs (anagram) 
Which American swimmer won 5 gold medals at the 1988 Summer Olympics?
_A_T/ _I_N_ _ 
Which sea lies of the Western coast of Italy?
Part of a car, a female octopus or lobster, Mr. McKellen 
Valentine and Proteus are the main charcters in which Shakespeare play?
_H_ /_W_/ _E_ _ L_ _E_ /O_ /_E_O_A 
Which country hosted the 1958 football World Cup?
Root vegetable, 14th letter of the alphabet 
Which two animals appear on the Mexican flag?
E_ _ L_ and _N_ _ E 
Who won the 1981 best actor Oscar for playing Norman Thayer in the film On Golden Pond?
Mr. Rider Haggard, more keen about something 
Tommy and Tuppence were two recurring characters in novels by which author?
Hati this car age (anagram) 
Who won golf's British Open in 1959, 1968 and 1974?
Mr. Kasparov, a participant of a game 
Alexey Pajitnov created which game?
Rest it (anagram) 
What name is given to the human bone located in the middle of the thorax?
Mix, anesthetized 
Which male tennis player won 3 of the 4 grand slans in 1988?
Lams trad wine (anagram) 

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