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Best Picture: (P) 
Best Actor: (GCS) Patton 
Best Actress: (GJ) Women in Love 
Best Supporting Actor: (JM) Ryan's Daughter 
Best Supporting Actress: (HH) Airport 
Best Picture: (TFC) 
Best Actor: (GH) The French Connection 
Best Actress: (JF) Klute 
Best Supporting Actor: (BJ) The Last Picture Show 
Best Supporting Actress: (CL) The Last Picture Show 
Best Picture: (TG) 
Best Actor: (MB) The Godfather 
Best Actress: (LM) Cabaret 
Best Supporting Actor: (JG) Cabaret 
Best Supporting Actress: (EH) Butterflies Are Free 
Best Picture: (TS) 
Best Actor: (JL) Save the Tiger 
Best Actress: (GJ) A Touch of Class 
Best Supporting Actor: (JH) The Paper Chase 
Best Supporting Actress: (TON) Paper Moon 
Best Picture: (TGPT) 
Best Actor: (AC) Harry and Tonto 
Best Actress: (EB) Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 
Best Supporting Actor: (RDN) The Godfather Part II 
Best Supporting Actress: (IB) Murder on the Orient Express 
Best Picture: (OFOTCN) 
Best Actor: (JN) One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest 
Best Actress: (LF) One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest 
Best Supporting Actor: (GB) The Sunshine Boys 
Best Supporting Actress: (LG) Shampoo 
Best Picture: (R) 
Best Actor: (PF) Network 
Best Actress: (FD) Network 
Best Supporting Actor: (JR) All the President's Men 
Best Supporting Actress: (BS) Network 
Best Picture: (AH) 
Best Actor: (RD) The Goodbye Girl 
Best Actress: (DK) Annie Hall 
Best Supporting Actor: (JR) Julia 
Best Supporting Actress: (VR) Julia 
Best Picture: (TDH) 
Best Actor: (JV) Coming Home 
Best Actress: (JF) Coming Home 
Best Supporting Actor: (CW) The Deer Hunter 
Best Supporting Actress: (MS) California Suite 
Best Picture: (KVK) 
Best Actor: (DH) Kramer versus Kramer 
Best Actress: (SF) Norma Rae 
Best Supporting Actor: (MD) Being There 
Best Supporting Actress: (MS) Kramer versus Kramer 
Best Picture: (OP) 
Best Actor:(RDN) Raging Bull 
Best Actress: (SS) Coal Miner's Daughter 
Best Supporting Actor: (TH) Ordinary People 
Best Supporting Actress: (MS) Melvin and Howard 
Best Picture: (COF) 
Best Actor: (HF) On Golden Pond 
Best Actress: (KH) On Golden Pond 
Best Supporting Actor: (JG) Arthur 
Best Supporting Actress: (MS) Reds 
Best Picture: (G) 
Best Actor: (BK) Gandhi 
Best Actress: (MS) Sophie's Choice 
Best Supporting Actor: (LGJ) An Officer and a Gentlemen 
Best Supporting Actress: (JL) Tootsie 
Best Picture: (TOE) 
Best Actor: (RD) Tender Mercies 
Best Actress: (SM) Terms of Endearment 
Best Supporting Actor: (JN) Terms of Endearment 
Best Supporting Actress: (LH) The Year of Living Dangerously 
Best Picture: (A) 
Best Actor: (FMA) Amadeus 
Best Actress: (SF) Places in the Heart 
Best Supporting Actor:(HSN) The Killing Fields 
Best Supporting Actress: (PA) A Passage to India 
Best Picture: (OOA) 
Best Actor: (WH) Kiss of the Spider Woman 
Best Actress: (GP) The Trip to the Bountiful 
Best Supporting Actor: (DA) Cocoon 
Best Supporting Actress: (AH) Prizzi's Honor 
Best Picture: (P) 
Best Actor: (PN) The Color of Money 
Best Actress: (MM) Children of a Lesser God 
Best Supporting Actor: (MC) Hannah and Her Sisters 
Best Supporting Actress: (DW) Hannah and Her Sisters 
Best Picture: (TLE) 
Best Actor: (MD) Wall Street 
Best Actress: (C) Moonstruck 
Best Supporting Actor: (SC) The Untouchables 
Best Supporting Actress: (OD) Moonstruck 
Best Picture: (RM) 
Best Actor: (DH) Rain Man 
Best Actress: (JF) The Accused 
Best Supporting Actor: (KK) A Fish Called Wanda 
Best Supporting Actress: (GD) The Accidental Tourist 
Best Picture: (DMD) 
Best Actor: (DDL) My Left Foot 
Best Actress: (JT) Driving Miss Daisy 
Best Supporting Actor: (DW) Glory 
Best Supporting Actress: (BF) My Left Foot 
Best Picture: (DWW) 
Best Actor: (JI) Reversal of Fortune 
Best Actress: (KB) Misery 
Best Supporting Actor: (JP) Goodfellas 
Best Supporting Actress: (WG) Ghost 
Best Picture: (TSOTL) 
Best Actor: (AH) The Silence of the Lambs 
Best Actress: (JF) The Silence of the Lambs 
Best Supporting Actor: (JP) City Slickers 
Best Supporting Actress: (MR) The Fisher King 
Best Picture: (U) 
Best Actor: (AP) Scent of a Woman 
Best Actress: (ET) Howard's End 
Best Supporting Actor: (GH) Unforgiven 
Best Supporting Actress: (MT) My Cousin Vinny 
Best Picture: (SL) 
Best Actor: (TH) Philadelphia 
Best Actress: (HH) The Piano 
Best Supporting Actor: (TLJ) The Fugitive 
Best Supporting Actress: (AP) The Piano 
Best Picture: (FG) 
Best Actor: (TH) Forrest Gump 
Best Actress: (JL) Blue Sky 
Best Supporting Actor: (ML) Ed Wood 
Best Supporting Actress: (DW) Bullets Over Broadway 
Best Picture: (B) 
Best Actor: (NC) Leaving Las Vegas 
Best Actress: (SS) Dead Man Walking 
Best Supporting Actor: (KS) The Usual Suspects 
Best Supporting Actress: (MS) Mighty Aphrodite 
Best Picture: (TEP) 
Best Actor: (GR) Shine 
Best Actress:(FM) Fargo 
Best Supporting Actor: (CGJ) Jerry Maguire 
Best Supporting Actress: (JB) The English Patient 
Best Picture: (T) 
Best Actor: (JN) As Good as it Gets 
Best Actress: (HH) As Good as it Gets 
Best Supporting Actor: (RW) Good Will Hunting 
Best Supporting Actress: (KB) L.A. Confidential 
Best Picture: (SIL) 
Best Actor: (RB) Life is Beautiful 
Best Actress: (GP) Shakespeaer in Love 
Best Supporting Actor: (JC) Affliction 
Best Supporting Actress: (JD) Shakespeare in Love 
Best Picture: (AB) 
Best Actor: (KS) American Beauty 
Best Actress: (HS) Boy's Don't Cry 
Best Supporting Actor: (MC) The Cider House Rules 
Best Supporting Actress: (AJ) Girl, Interrupted 
Best Picture: (G) 
Best Actor: (RC) Gladiator 
Best Actress: (JR) Erin Brockovich 
Best Supporting Actor: (BDT) Traffic 
Best Supporting Actress: (MGH) Pollock 
Best Picture: (ABM) 
Best Actor: (DW) Training Day 
Best Actress: (HB) Monster's Ball 
Best Supporting Actor: (JB) Iris 
Best Supporting Actress: (JC) A Beautiful Mind 
Best Picture: (C) 
Best Actor: (AB) The Pianist 
Best Actress: (NK) The Hours 
Best Supporting Actor: (CC) Adaptation 
Best Supporting Actress: (CZJ) Chicago 
Best Picture: (LOTRTROTK) 
Best Actor: (SP) Mystic River 
Best Actress: (CT) Monster 
Best Supporting Actor: (TR) Mystic River 
Best Supporting Actress: (RZ) Cold Mountain 
Best Picture: (MDB) 
Best Actor: (JF) Ray 
Best Actress: (HS) Million Dollar Baby 
Best Supporting Actor: (MF) Million Dollar Baby 
Best Supporting Actress: (CB) The Aviator 
Best Picture: (C) 
Best Actor: (PSH) Capote 
Best Actress: (RW) Walk the Line 
Best Supporting Actor: (GC) Syriana 
Best Supporting Actress: (RW) The Constant Gardener 
Best Picture: (TD) 
Best Actor: (FW) The Last King of Scotland 
Best Actress: (HM) The Queen 
Best Supporting Actor: (AA) Little Miss Sunshine 
Best Supporting Actress: (JH) Dreamgirls 
Best Picture: (NCFOM) 
Best Actor: (DDL) There Will Be Blood 
Best Actress: (MC) La Vie en Rose 
Best Supporting Actor: (JB) No Country For Old Men 
Best Supporting Actress: (TS) Michael Clayton 
Best Picture: (SM) 
Best Actor: (SP) Milk 
Best Actress: (KW) The Reader 
Best Supporting Actor: (HL) The Dark Knight 
Best Supporting Actress: (PC) Vicky Cristina Barcelona 
Best Picture: (THL) 
Best Actor: (JB) Crazy Heart 
Best Actress: (SB) The Blind Side 
Best Supporting Actor: (CW) Inglourious Basterds 
Best Supporting Actress: (M) Precious 

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