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Forced Order
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Jean Henri Dunant creates the Red Cross 
Albertville hosts the Winter Olympics 
George Washington's birth 
Vincenzo Perrugia steals the Mona Lisa 
The Dunkirk evacuation 
The Berlin Wall is built 
Isaac Newton's birth 
Green Bay Packers beat Kansas City Chiefs in the first Super Bowl 
The Battle of Trafalgar 
The Eiffel Tower is completed 
Roberto Benigni wins Best Actor Oscar for Life is Beautiful 
Kel Nagle wins the British Open at St. Andrews 
Roald Amundsen reaches the South Pole 
The Battle of Gettysburg 
The Masstricht Treaty is signed 
Mike Powell jumps 8.95 to become the world record holder in the long jump 
Prohibition in the US starts 
The Empire State building is completed 
Dolly the Sheep becomes the first successfully cloned mammal 
Switzerland host footballs' World Cup 
Thabo Mbeki is elected President of South Africa 
Original Woodstock festival held 
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 
Charles Dicken's birth 
Michelangelo Buonarroti finishes painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel 
Creation of NATO 
Steffi Graf wins all 4 'grand slams' in one year 
MTV is launched 
James Callaghan becomes Prime Minister of the UK 
Beginning of the Thirty Years War 
Fenway Park opens 
How Green Was My Valley wins Best Picture at the Oscars 
World population reaches 1 billion 
James II becomes King of the UK 
Vincent Van Gogh's birth 
Jim Hines becomes the first person to run 100m in under 10 seconds 
Herbert Hoover becomes President 
Beginning of the Seven Years War 
Marlee Matlin wins Best Actress Oscar for Children of a Lesser God 
Mozart's birth 
Niki Lauda wins the F1 world Championship by half a point 
The Golden Globes are first held 
Jane Austen's birth 
Martin Luther King Jr. wins the Nobel Peace Prize 
The Battle of Rorke's Drift 
The Dakar Rally takes place in Argentina and Chile 
William Shakespeare's birth 
Charles J. Guiteau shoots James A. Garfield 
West Side Story wins Best Picture Oscar 
Franz Klammer wins downhill Oympic gold medal 

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