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South American country beginning with 'P' 
French day of the week 
Player who has won three golf majors in one calendar year 
Main character in 'Friends' 
Best Actress winner (Oscars) beginning with 'W' (Surname) 
Country, apart from the UK, which uses the pound 
Dwarf Planet 
English word that ends in -dous 
Swedish tennis player to have won Wimbledon 
Greek letter beginning with 'O' 
Country bordering Romania 
Drama to have won four Emmys 
Four word Charles Dicken Novel 
Three letter currency 
Seven letter Olympian God 
American city which has hosted the Summer Olympics 
Best Director winner (Oscars) beginning with 'H' (surname) 
State in the United Arab Emirates 
Ten letter NHL team nickname 
Novel by Charlotte Bronte 
Film which has won 11 Oscars 
Four letter Stephen King novel 
Election candidate who lost to Franklin D. Roosevelt 
Primary colour in Italian 
Halogen element 
African country on the equator 
Four letter Roman major deity 
British Prime Minister under Edward VII 
James Bond film starring Timothy Dalton 
Film nominated for 11 Oscars, but never won 
York King of England 
American state capital beginning with 'R' 
Winter Olympic city beginning with 'C' 
Major Balearic Island 
Canadian Prime Minister beginning with 'C' (surname) 
Dutch football team that have won the European Cup/Champion's League 
German number (1-10) 
Country from Oceania beginning with 'T' 
City in British Columbia beginning with 'V' 
American Vice President under Richard Nixon 
Shakespeare comedy beginning with 'A' 
Tour de France winner from Luxembourg 
Cat breed beginning with 'P' 
Chess piece which can move the length of the board 
Chemical element beginning with 'D' 
Best Actor winner (Oscars) beginning with 'W' (surnames) 
Five letter sign of the Zodiac 
Astronaut from Apollo 15 who walked on the moon 
Three syllable code words in the NATO phonetic alphabet 
Finnish driver to have won the F1 World Championship 

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