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What type of acid is found in the stomach? 
What is the name of the smallest bone in the body? 
Blepharitis is the inflammation of where? 
How many ribs does a human have? 
What is the largest artery in the body? 
Where is the Calcaneus found on the body? 
Which organ is divided into four sections- Cardia, Fundus, Body and Pylorus? 
What is the name of the X-ray examination of the bile ducts? 
How many pairs of chromosomes are there in the human body? 
Enzymes are secreted from the pancreas into where? 
How is Epistaxis better known? 
Which gland produces insulin? 
What name is given to the upper jaw? 
What is the name given to the fluid that reduces friction between joints? 
Which organ plays an important role in regard to red blood cells and the immune system? 
What name is given to the white crescent shape at the bed of the finger/toe nail? 
What is the name given to the study and diagnosis of disease? 
What is the anatomical name of the armpit? 
Phlebitis is an inflammation of where? 
How is the hallux better known? 
What name is given to the eye defect whereby red objects fade faster than blue objects? 
What is the medical term for fainting? 
Which type of circulation re-supplies oxygen to the blood stream? 
Which organ maintains the homeostasis of the body through electrolytes, acid base balance and blood pressure? 
What is the medical name for chickenpox? 
Which organs functions include detoxification, protein synthesis and producing biochemicals for digestion? 
What name is given to proteins that catalyze chemical reactions? 
An Cholecystectomy is the removal of what? 
What is the medical name for phlegm? 
How many bones are there in an adult? 

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