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1452-1519, Italian
Name: Vindaloo and Rice  
Painting: Merited Thorniness Jewels 1480 
Painting: Anathema if Good Riot 1481 
Painting: Phase Splutter 1495-1498 
Painting: A Mans Oil 1503-1506 
Painting: Wanted as Handle 1505-1510 
1853-1890 Dutch
Name: CV Nothing Vegan 
Painting: Hottest Poet Area 1885 
Painting: Ratty Threshing 1889 
Painting: I Sires 1889 
Painting: Shh Cheat Curvature 1890 
Painting: Ah Top Record Art Gift 1890 
1881-1973 Spanish
Name: Boils Cap Soap 
Painting: Raze Topnotch Foul Brains 1904 
Painting: Organic Appeal 1905 
Painting: Gladsome Love in Idleness 1907 
Painting: Seamiest Urchin 1921 
Painting: Steely TV 1954 
1904-1989 Spanish
Name: Avida Dollars 
Painting: Broke Best Headfat 1926 
Painting: Sharp and an up Data 1927 
Painting: Sporty Stiffish Danger 1929 
Painting: Im Softer Hypertense Come 1931 
Painting: Respect Lethal Fawningness 1937 
1840-1926 French
Name: Menaced Lout 
Painting: Modern Neat Whinge 1866 
Painting: Im Supine Sorriness 1872 
Painting: Win Ultra Stone Age 1875 
Painting: Not Ratty Masteries 1883 
Painting: Grim Naze Non 1894 
1869-1954 French
Name: See Arts in Him 
Painting: Pow Done the Win 1905 
Painting: The Conservation 1908-1912 
Painting: Im the Faultier Swillings1910 
Painting: Wanted or Waiting 1912 
Painting: Haze or Hot Recanter 1912 
1577-1640 Flemish
Name: Able Purer Sun Pet 
Painting: Cheeky Tenebrous Howl 1609 
Painting: Posh Outnumbered 1611-1612 
Painting: Murmurous as Lend 1615-1616 
Painting: Hot Happiest Hump Tun 1615-1616 
Painting: A Good Night Dear Green Tans 1620 
1882-1967 American
Name: Pad Red Who Per 
Painting: Out at AM 1927 
Painting: Pouch Yes 1929 
Painting: A Fetching if to 1940 
Painting: Wash Knight 1942 
Painting: Ace Fictional Flimsy 1953 
1776-1837 English
Name: To Job Channels 
Painting: Halved Dame 1802 
Painting Hero Waken Vip 1816 
Painting: A Heathy Win 1821 
Painting: The Pleasing Hero 1825 
Painting: Refined Cloth 1826 
1898-1967 Belgian
Name: Trim Teenager 
Painting: Treat Hot Rip 1935 
Painting: X Rated Fin Mites 1938 
Painting: Log on Cad 1953 
Painting: Yo Ho Ho Thriftier Zest N Seem 1955 
Painting: Honest Fan Om 1964 
1859-1891 French
Name: Gee Arts Rogues 
Painting: Sub et Brush 1882-1883 
Painting: Seething in Finishing 1883 
Painting: The Brassier a Tans 1884 
Painting: Now Fears Vim Foots 1885 
Painting: Itch Cures 1891 
1866-1944 Russian
Name: Is Swanky as Kindly 
Painting: As Doorstep 1898 
Painting: Subnasal Attaches I Mupt Down 1908 
Painting: Abort Tip 1910 
Painting: Mania or Dazing 1911 
Painting: Run cored Ethical 1940 

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