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Can you get Alex to the Halo-ed ground?

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Friend obsessed with Halo.
Do this with a muscle.
He did this to the coop.
Achilles did this to Hector.
These kinds of children are at play.
Pig cuisine.
Proper response to a personal outrage.
TV Opera.
Approval ratings do this (hopefully).
Pokemon move that drags out another party member.
Wander aimlessly.
A nice place to chat.
Chess piece.
He's not a chef but a captain.
To get addicted.
Proper response to a vehicular outrage..
Sexy guy.
Your carrier is this when it's hit five times.
The Titanic did this, quickly.
A tackle behind the line of scrimmage.
Quarter-this and you get a person.
Illegal motion (but not in the field of law)
Four of these and take a stroll.
Passageway to the Halo-d ground.
Alex says: Best game ever!

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