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QUIZ: Can you name the 4 letter words in this Lost themed word ladder?

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✩ The ____ Con ✩
Single or isolated
Togo's largest port
✩ The Shape of Things to ____ ✩
Arrived or attended
✩ Whatever the ____ May Be ✩
Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway etc.
✩ The ____ Recruit ✩
Inventory or menu, e.g.
Hoist or pick up
✩ The ____ and Death of Jeremy Bentham ✩
✩ There's No Place ____ Home ✩
Mountainous walk
Start an employment relationship
✩ ____ + Water ✩
A business or sturdy
Napoleon & Snowball's home
✩ Do No ____ ✩
Relative of the rabbit
✩ All the Best Cowboys ____ Daddy Issues ✩
Back-up or retain
Store discount event
✩ A ____ of Two Cities ✩
Domesticate or control
✩ ____ Like it Hoth ✩
✩ ____coming ✩
Sharpen or what a missile does
Radius and Femur, e.g.
Tire or drill
✩ ____ to Run ✩
Animal stable
Tree cover or dog's cry
✩ Something Nice ____ Home ✩
Be without
Tall and slender
✩ Stranger in a Strange ____ ✩
Advance with interest
Pre-Easter period
✩ Because You ____ ✩
Attic in the UK
The Show this ladder is about!
Fail or get rid of
Legend or folk tales
Lady's man
Burden or heap
✩ Two for the ____ ✩
Follow a book
✩ Tricia Tanaka is ____ ✩
Legal title
✩ What They ____ For ✩
Ceases to live
Did, Dad & Dud have 2 what?
✩ ____ Ex Machina ✩

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