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The US threatened to use this type of warfare against China if they got involved in KoreaA
Kim Il-sung travelled to Moscow, Russia and ____, China in the early 1950s to gain support in his plans to reunify KoreaB
Political ideology in the Soviet Union, China and North Korea of a classless societyC
Generally abbreviated DMZ, one of these was established in 1953 along the 38th Parallel after the armistice was agreedD
US President who sought to end the hostilities in Korea, which eventually led to the signing of the armisticeE
Historical name of what is now known as Taiwan. It was the seat of China's Nationalist government during the Korean warF
A leader of the Chinese Communist Party; he commanded Chinese forces on the North Korean border in preparaton for warG
Battle of ____ Ridge - also lent its name to a 1986 Clint Eastwood filmH
Location of the September 1950 amphibious landing known as Operation ChromiteI
North Korean political theory of an independent and self-reliant stateJ
City captured by the Korean People's Army in the opening days of the warK
People's ____ Army Air Force, China's airforce from 1945L
He commanded the United Nations army until he was relieved of his duties in 1951 M
Although this branch of both the US and British military did not see much action, it did see USS Juneau and HMS Jamaica sink a number of North Korean boatsN
America's first major involvement in the war was the unsuccessful attack against the North Koreans at this cityO
Between August and September 1950, the North pushed southern forces to the perimeter surrounding this south eastern portP
Appointed Allied Commander in the Far East after [M]'s dismissal in 1951R
Died in 1953, he was the leader of the Soviet UnionS
President of the United States through most of the Korean war T
Founded in 1945, this peace-keeping organisation supported US and South Korean forces in the warU
People's ____ Army - the armed forces deployed by China during the Korean warV
The Island on which [T] and [M] met in October 1950 to discuss the risk of Chinese interventionW
Combined US Army/USMC military command deployed in Operation ChromiteX
The UN pushed North Korean forces to this river on the border with ChinaY
Leader of the People's Republic of China who decided to send the Chinese army into Korea (first name)Z

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