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No. 2 The world’s largest land animal.African Elephant
No.1 It's small but also deadly. It has been estimated that they transmit diseases to almost 700 million people annually resulting in 2-3 million deaths every year.Mosquito
No. 3 In order to kill its food it make use of a technique called the “death roll” where it relentlessly flips its prey over and over in the water until it drowns.Saltwater Crocodile
No. 14 While humans are generally not on their hit-list, some have been known to actively seek out human prey.African Lion
No. 4 Although they are mostly herbivorous, they are also highly aggressive and are widely regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.Hippopotamus
No. 19 In Africa, it's the source of numerous myths and legends and is widely known for being highly aggressive, very fast, and attacking without provocation.Black Mamba
No. 20 Legendary predators which are terrible at distinguishing between the edible and the non-edible.They sample buoys, boats, surfboards, humans butt hey really aren’t man-eateGreat White Shark
No. 11 Known for their 'laugh'.Hyena
No. 6 They are mainly found in tropical South America, with one species in Central America.Brazilian Wandering Spider
No. 17 Packed into 2 inches of colourful amphibian is enough poison to kill an army of 20,000 mice. Roughly 2 micrograms could successfully stop the heart of a large animal. Poison Dart Frog
No. 15 Its venom is so potent in fact, that in some cases treatment consists of little more than last minute CPR.Box Jellyfish
No. 8 One of the top five big cats.Leopard
No. 16 Unlike most other animals on this list, the world’s largest carnivore is not afraid of you. It has no natural predators and will eat anything that is even slightly meaty.Polar bear
Description Animal % Correct
No. 25 Is highIy venomous and resides primarily in North Africa and the Middle East. Healthy adults usually feel unbearable pain when stung.Deathstalker
No. 9 The primary carrier of African Sleeping Sickness and is therefore indirectly responsible for killing up to a quarter of a million people every year.Tse Tse Fly
No. 24 They're much more aggressive than their European counterparts. They can chase their victims for miles.Africanized Honey Bee
No. 5 It's about the size of a golf ball and holds enough venom to kill 26 full grown adults and has no antidote.Blue Ringed Octopus
No. 21 It lies camouflaged on the ocean floor waiting for fish to swim by before opening its jaws and eating its pray. Its poisoned spines could kill you!Stonefish
No. 18 Is a highly unpredictable creature that does not play nice with humans. It's responsible for more fatalities than any other large animal in Africa.Cape Buffalo
No. 23 They have terrible eyesight but are easy to startle and once they have you in their sights it can be hard to make an escape.Rhinoceros
No. 10 They will eat anything from birds to water buffalos to humans and they have even been known to dig up bodies from shallow graves.Komodo Dragon
No. 22 One drop of venom is enough to end 20 human lives. It stings!Cone Snail
No. 12 It's poison will paralyze your diaphragm and stop your breathingPuffer Fish
No. 7 They have a characteristic threat display, rubbing sections of their body together to produce a 'sizzling' warning sound.Carpet Viper
No. 13 It's venom is a hemotoxin that disables blood clotting. In others words, its victims slowly die as they bleed out from every pore in their body.Boomslang snake

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