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Can you name the Greek vs Roman figures in mythology?

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Aesculapius or AsclepiusGod of Medicine
Boreas or AquiloGod of the North wind
Victoria or NikeGoddess of Victory
Poseidon or NeptuneGod ot the sea
Faunus or PanGod of shepherds and flocks and nature
Juno or HeraThe queen of the Olympian deities and Goddess of marriage and family
Mars or AresGod of war and battle
Flora or ChlorisGoddess of flowers, and the personification of spring
Diana or ArtemisGoddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals
Heracles or HerculesMade immortal by Zeus/Jupiter
Proserpina or PersephoneGoddess of the underworld
Selene or LunaGoddess of the moon
Athena or MinervaGoddess of wisdom and war
Hestia or VestiaGoddess of the hearth fire
Mercury or HermesGod of theives and the messenger to the Gods
Dionysus or BacchusGod of wine
Ceres or DemeterGoddess of harvest
Apollo or ApolloGod of Music and Medicine
Pluto or HadesGod of the Underworld
Eros or CupidGod of Love
Saturn or KronosThe leader and youngest of the first generation of Titans
Hecate or TriviaGoddess of the crossroads and magic
Aphrodite or VenusGoddess of love
Hephaestus or VulcanGod of the forge and fire
Terra or GaiaPersonification of the Earth

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