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Singer of Try Again involved in a secret relationship with R. Kelly before dying in a plane crash at age 22A
Marvel superhero portrayed by Wesley Snipes who dedicates his life to hunting vampiresB
One of Santa's reindeer, paired with CupidC
Scottish sheep who was the first mammal to be clonedD
Character played by Jim Varney appearing in various commercials and later a movie seriesE
Atlanta rapper known for albums such as DS2 and What a Time to be Alive, if Young Metro don't trust you he will shootF
Blue Muppet appearing regularly in Sesame Street, perpetually tries to please Mr. JohnsonG
Japanese emperor from 1926 to 1989, also known as Emperor ShōwaH
First son of Abraham, later banished into the desertI
Apostle of Jesus and author of the Bible's penultimate bookJ
Armenian priest and composer who lived through the Armenian GenocideK
Fictional collie appearing in various movies and TV seriesL
Famed Renaissance artist known for works such as David and the Sistine Chapel ceilingM
Storied Queens rapper known for Illmatic and his feud with Jay-ZN
In Norse mythology the ruler of Asgard and father of ThorO
Retired Brazilian soccer player for Santos, widely considered the greatest of all timeP
Mutant son of Magneto and brother of Scarlet Witch who has superspeedQ
Large pterosaur and known associate of GodzillaR
Green ogre voiced by Mike Myers who stars in his eponymous movie seriesS
Native American leader and British ally who was killed in the War of 1812T
Latin name for the protagonist of Homer's OdysseyU
Roman poet, author of the AeneidV
Elderly Muppet and friend of Statler who often breaks the fourth wall and shows contempt for the other MuppetsW
Greek soldier and author of AnabasisX
Powerful Jedi who trains Luke Skywalker at DagobahY
Street Fighter character portrayed as a massive Russian wrestlerZ

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