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Can you name these people who had elements named after them?

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Danish physicist famous for his contributions to atomic structure and quantum theory
Mother Earth according to the Romans
Roman goddess of agriculture
Russian scientist credited with devising the first periodic table of elements
Inventor of the first nuclear reactor
Greek goddess of wisdom
Greek god of the sky, husband and son of Gaia
Norse goddess of love and beauty
Finnish man who discovered yttrium
The daughter of Tantalus in Greek mythology
Inventor of the cyclotron
Swedish inventor of dynamite
Russian physicist who co-discovered spontaneous fission
Greek god of the Sun
Norse god of thunder
Roman messenger of the gods
The father of nuclear physics, discoverer of the radioactive half-life and atomic nucleus
Greek goddess of the moon
Irish philosopher famed for advancing the theory of subjective idealism
Renaissance astronomer condemned by the Catholic church for his heliocentric model of the Solar System
American scientist who synthesized ten transuranium elements
German physicist who discovered x-rays
Female scientist who helped discover nuclear fission
Roman god of the sea
German scientist famed for his development of the theory of relativity
Married couple famous for their work on radioactivity
Prominent Californian rancher born in England who owned land near the San Francisco Bay
Ruler of the underworld
Greek man whose eternal punishment in Tartarus involved water and grapes
Greek Titan who brought fire to mankind

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