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Which river begins in the city where Troy Polamalu, Barry Bonds, and Sidney Crosby have all played? 
Which peninsula includes both Christiano Ronaldo's national team and current club? 
Which city is directly across the border from where LaDainian Tomlinson and Tony Gwynn once played? 
Which strait divides the European and Asian parts of Istanbul? 
Which European country still has a territory on mainland South America? 
Which mountain range has the highest peak in the contiguous USA? 
What is the largest city in the country where ABBA originates from? 
Rappers Jay-Z and Nas were both born on which island? 
Which sea is on the city where Antonio Vivaldi was born? 
What is the largest island completely within the country The Raid movies are set in? 
What is the largest city in the state where Shawshank State Penitentiary is located? 
What is the nearest ocean to where The Thing is set? 
What is the oldest city in the state where Breaking Bad is set? 
Which US state has a capital with the same name as the setting of The Simpsons? 
Which bay is the city The Wire is set in located on? 
Just for Fun
The bridge that fell down in a famous nursery rhyme was located on which island? 
In which state is Aaron Hernandez currently in jail? 
Speaking of tight ends, what is the capital of the country whose leader never poops (according to him, at least)? 
The largest public university in the US is located within which desert? 
Which country is north of the country with the headquarters of Adidas? 
Which sea is directly west of the country bibambap originates from? 
Which mountain range runs through the eastern border of the country formerly run by Francisco Franco? 
A famous Polish military leader who also served in the American Revolution is the namesake of the highest peak in which country? 
Ancient Carthage is now a suburb of which current capital city? 
Which peninsula makes up the mainland of the country the play Hamlet is set on? 
Which country is the current day location of where the titular character lived most of his life in Bram Stoker's famous novel? 
What is the capital of the state which shares the first name of the playwright who wrote A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? 
What is the largest city in the country that has a landmark they call 'Cristo Redentor'? 
In a country with 11 languages, which prominent mountain overlooks the large Atlantic port city known as 'Kaapstad', or 'Ikapa'? 
The massive structure known in its native tongue as 'Kölner Dom' is nearby which famous river? 
Which country is southeast of the country that macadamia nuts are indigenous to? 
Which archipelago are marine iguanas native to? 
What is the most populous island of the island chain with many prominent shield volcanoes? 
In Halo 2, Master Chief travels to a 'New' version of an actual city, an Indian Ocean port of which country?  
The original streets of Monopoly are based off of a city in which state? 
What is the highest peak in the country that Zangief hails from? 
What is the capital of the country whose name is the same as the Silver Age Green Lantern's last name? 
Which sea is directly east of Colin Farrell's birthplace? 
Which large river is south/west of Matthew McConaughey's birthplace? 
What is the name of the lake east of where Jesus grew up, a place he would later perform many miracles? 
On which peninsula did Moses receive the Ten Commandments? 
Which former capital city holds the Dalai Lama's residence? 
Which country capital is closest to Santa's headquarters? 
What is the lowest point in the country Passover began in? 
What is the largest city in the country with the most Diwali celebrants? 

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