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Can you combine the names of two people to form a new three word name?

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1. A small forward on the Cleveland Cavaliers and 2. A secret agent once played by Sean Connery
1. A star of the show Breaking Bad and 2. A member of the Batles
1. A clown fast food mascot and 2. A business magnate and first host of The Celebrity Apprentice
1. A wide receiver on the Bengals and 2. The superhero whose indentity has been both Hal Jordan and John Stewart
1. A character from All in the Family who had a popular spin-off series and 2. The president of the Confederacy
1. An actor in Ex Machina and Star Wars and 2. A science fiction writer famous for his Foundation series
1. The current head coach of Michigan State football and 2. The star of The Mask of Zorro and Puss in Boots
1. The writer of Atlas Shrugged and 2. A Kentucky senator with a famous father
1. The lead singer of Wham! and a successful solo artist and 2. The main villain of the Halloween movies
1. The actor who played Frodo Baggins and 2. The man who rescued Alexander Selkirk from a desert island and later became governor of the Bahamas
1. The host of an Adult Swim show with Hannibal Buress and 2. One half of Outkast
1. An actor from Seinfeld and 2. An American Founding Father and Federalist
1. A 90s R&B queen and 2. A Confederate general who won the Battle of Chickamauga
1. A famous actor appearing in The Philadelphia Story and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and 2. One half of a duo with Paul Simon
1. A former running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars and 2. An actress appearing in E.T. and Charlie's Angels
1. The man widely considered the greatest basketball player of all time and star of Space Jam and 2. The man who is the focus of The Wolf of Wall Street
1. A magical rabbit who delivers presents on a holiday and 2. A disgraced police major on The Wire
1. A talking dog who solves mysteries and 2. A teenage doctor played by Neil Patrick Harris
1. The founder of a large weight loss company and 2. The Scottish former host of the Late Late Show
1. The founder of Young Money known for his Tha Carter series of albums and 2. The man known as the greatest player in NHL history

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