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Can you name the Harry Potter Spells?

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Summoning Charm
Hair Loss Curse
Slows Down Object or Being
Produces Water
Produces Birds
Unlocks Doors
Heals Bones
Spider Killing Curse
Killing Curse
Causes Explosion
Explodes Objects in flames
Rips An Object
Disarming Charm
Confuses Opponent
Causes Object to Swell in Size
Causes Intense Pain
Patronum Charm
Heals Minor Injuries
Sends Objects Away
Turns Animals to Goblets
Stops and Object or Being
Sends Ball of Fire from Wand
Freezes Objects
Creates Total Control Over Target
Negates Spells
Creates Unstoppable Fire
Victim is Dangled Upside Down
Makes Target Immobile
Locks Legs Together
Creates Fire
Erases Memory
Creates Narrow Light
Shield Charm
Conjures Dark Mark
Turns of Light
Makes Object Smaller
Creates Large Amout of Light
Wand Acts Like Compass
Fills Ears with Buzzing
Stuns A Being
Magnifies Voice
Repairs Object
Boggart-Banishing Spell
Launches Objects Through Air
Cleans Object
Stuns Victim
Tickling Charm
Conjures a Serpent
Creates Blood-Oozing Gashes on Victim
Levitation Charm

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