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Forced Order
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CharacteristicsMember Name
Rib Cage Malfunction
Get CRUNK, Tay&ME4eva
Wrestles at the University of Yale, he'll twist you up like a pretzel
Stephen Martinez
Big Gay Eyes
3 Nipples, Jerks off onto 40 year old Virgin DVDs
Future owner of Mullinator's Used Car Depot
All-Around Stud
Funniest guy every seen
Officer Beef Curtainz
CharacteristicsMember Name
His Brother used to punch Pat Harrington really hard for no apparent reason
His Mom would be hot if she had bigger boobs, trust him he used to shower with her and stuff
Smokes a lot of funny stuff
Smokes a lot of funny stuff
Came out of the womb and benched 350 lbs
Broke Pat Harrington's collar bone because he was jealous of his superior athleticism
Best inner thigh rubber ever, also makes stranges noises when he sleeps
Spent 7 years of his life playing tennis with Avi Nagaraja
Writes homoerotic roasts for his friends every year which get broken up by HP Police
Former starting center for OLV, almost killed Boaz Chung in a freak Go-Kart accident

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