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I am told Pronger (the cat) wants his own Twitter account. Shades of James Bond and Pussy Galore
Here's a solution: Saw Lilja & Coburn in half. Put top half of Coburn on Lilja's body, throw out the rest. Now you have a top D-man.
Timonen will be examined by doctors; update will come at dinner. Book it, Dano!
Watching the biggest loser on NBC. No not the Caps, the TV show. Parenthood next. Real life w/kids
Two sources say #flyers are NOT entertaining advances from COL on JVR ... but advances have been made
What do u do when u have invested in a BMW goalie to ride w/ ur Lexus defense & all turn out 2 b Pintos?
Manning's debutante ball w/ Flyguys: 7 mins. Take off the gown. This is the big leagues.
Crowd really going wild 4 dancing McD's bag tonite. Nice game 4 bag.
Lavy on getting better starts by trying different: “I don’t think hokey works. You can’t bring the live chicken in and cut it’s head off.”
This game is riveting ... like rivets in my head ...
SJ coach Scott McLellan out vs Flyers with concussion suffered on bench in minny-snowda
Fact 2 Kno: Chara used to be a Starbucks barista, before he got his big NHL break.
Last weekend was Lost Weekend for Flyers (NY.NYR)... this could be Redemption Weekend (NYR/DET)?
For those emailing me, I cannot & shall not deliver you Bryzgalov's head on a stick. You're sick for asking. I'm a professional man.
'I can't work any harder. I can't be any more handsome or French. It's frustrating to lose these games.' - Talbot.
Ilya in nets, a collective groan rising from the very skyscrapers of this city, an entire metropolis shaking head in terror & disgust.
Fans commenting here at shark tank about how many goals Bryz gives up in prax
Fleury is reading a book: Bryzard of Oz. Nothing for him to do in period
TRADE-PALOOZA. Kubina. Nicklas. What next? Nash-gate watch 2012K starts now.
Weiss looked like Hines Ward dancing through the stars,err Flyers defense, for a goal
Rinaldo and gudbranson grabble and semi-fight
Bryzly Bear skinned alive, here, before everyone.
#Flyers are MUMMMMMMMM on Timonen;s injury
Bob given nod for RANGER SHOWDOWN tomorrow. Guns are drawn here. Hockey sundown.
Flyers prax in V-HEES open 2 public. 3 grown women throwing themselves up against the rink glass, screaming 'SCHENN!' It's 11 a.m., ladies.
Natives getting restless. war drums beating during another dull PP
Kimmo Timmo will strap this team to his back and haul it up goal mountain.
Six writers in a private Moroccan cab going up one way streets wrong way at high speed. Its Boston. But we found the club... Alive
Broons fans really hammered. Can smell the Miller Light burbs up here in presser box. Truly revolting humans here.
Deep sense of Capital foreboding 4 our Flyguys this AM. In locker room, orchestral version of 'Knock Knock' playing slowly as team thinks.
TweetWritten by
Mezsaros wild stallions his way into the box, neighing frantically. No sugar cubes from refs. No quarter 4 Mezzy.
A bird just flew past me into the rafters ... not a humming bird, either
Lights still dark here in Minny. Also couldn't get into rink. Not sure what the jig is here.
More on Pronger (cat): he took the headfones out of my bag which was open; chewed on cord, dropped phones on floor when done eating
If Jeff Carter & Mike Richards are reunited with Stevens, you can bet there will be a celebratory cake.
Bryzly Bear gets his 3rd shutout in 4 games. Unreal
Big argument in presser box about how 2 pronounce 'Goc.'
Peter Lavvy literally flipping off Weiss after he scores on a downstairs Bryzly Bear.
Idea: Dress Bryz up in Lundquist jersey, make him learn how 2 breathe in such goal-preventing skin.
Tomorrow, #flyers will prax shootout w/paper cutouts of media members standing in goal.
I think my grandson would enjoy how Sharkie comes down that rope from ceiling here snapping his jaws ...
Bryz literally in locker room, cramming cakes into his mouth, celebrating, icing everywhere. Congrats 2 this Russian.
Flyers applying heavy pressure to wounds of the Panths, trying to create a goal tourniquet.
Pronger stalking around the house. He's looking for ghost of michael del collo who has been quiet for few days
If the Flyers don't start slow, then you're making a molehill out of a damn mountain. That's just hockey.
Because of this whole mayan thing, the Canadians were drinking heavily at this Winter Classic this week
Curiously, Holmgren said he would not use the word 'unlikely' to describe making a major trade. He used 'probably not'
Asked Holmer who he was sniffing for deadline. Response: 'I'm not a bloodhound. I'm a GM.'
Clutterbuck has a special discounted pass to the penalty box tonight. He's in it again!
TALBO & LILJ ON ICE, both hurt, both in skates. Am I on a merry-go-round?
Stanley C. Panther. The 'C' stands for Carchidi
Never forget where you were today, the day Jeff Carter was traded to HO-LLY-WO-OD.
Jaromir Jagr looks like a man who just had his car repossessed after this loss.
Car Bomb continues to reinforce my theory he was the guy locked up in Goonies
Minus Kimmo, Flyers are truly hurting hound dogs on the hunt.
Zebras send Schenn to Penalty Box Island on bobo call.
I have seen the pix from Coyote Ugly w/some flyer beats last night in NYC. shocking, absolutely, shocking
Jagr said today his secret: never drank beer, wine, Czech vodka - nothing but Diet Coke which he keeps on the bench during games
Tonight, the Flyers take on the Panths, a team that wins two games a year but could still clinch their conference. Hell of a world.
Unknown fone # texted to me: 'Rick Nash.' I dont buy it. Dont see Nash as a Flyer now or later

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