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Speed & Agression,a deadly obsession
Listen up,i warn you run for cover run!
Now we'll see what remains for the weak, theres not much
Fear is only what you feel,False Evidence Appearing Real
Our destiny is soon revealed,battle strewn no way to heal
Cause we hunt you down without mercy.
Trapped in purgatory! A lifeless object alive
The thrill of my victims I'm crushing Destroying their will
Eliminate the weak,eliminate the strong!
You need your drugs, your coke your crack your pills
You feel when you've done your deeds late at night
Speak the incantation,follow the ordination
You see us comin' And you all together run for cover We're taking over this town
Im the walking dude.I can see all the world
Bad menace,bloody taste hold him in a vicelike grip
To fight for democracy,and the American way,but you are not in your country
Is there smething after you? Will it get you?
I believe in our fate ,we don't need to fake.

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