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HaikuMonster of the WeekEpisode
Not quite half a man/too bad about his brother/Lanny was a drunk
Brother or Sister/Carved into your rib cage...ouch.../Intriguing woman
It hides in the light/The others can't see it...but/I do...Mulder, too
Don't hit on this guy/Once his arm catches fire/Or you will get burned
Learned in Vietnam/How to vanish in thin air/Now he wants revenge
Jodie Foster says/This feeling's not just skin deep/And yet, still, it is
The way it happened/All true -- fake fangs, flying squirrel/But not the buck teeth
He will kill five men/Did he have the magic words/To become a fly?
Scully asks Mulder/If a doll could be evil/'You mean like Chucky?'
Own worst enemy?/Really, how can there be two?/Without Jiggawatts?
HaikuMonster of the WeekEpisode
Backwards messaging/Astral Projection...Look Ma!/No Hands!...and no legs!
Scotophotographs/Abnormally long legs and/Dentist Chair -- Not Good
Said he'd get Mulder/Look for a young man with a/Salamander hand?
In a volcano/A new lifeform grows...well no/It's in your larynx
An old X-File/Listen to Kolchak''/Tales of spider-man
If you need lypo/This guy could sure help you out/Except that you'd die
Incarcerated/And scheduled to die...fell for/New York Knicks t-shirt
Man or a Woman?/And a little Amish too?/She was 'a kind 3'
Frozen Fudgesicle/Controlling his brother's mind/And a jet turbine
Electrocution/ And falling elevators/ What are you DOING??

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