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DescriptionDiseaseExtra info
Produces PGE2. Improved by aspirin. Hip pain, worse at night. Increased blood flow, sclerosis.Long bones (femur, tibia). Males.
High grade osteoblastic primary tumor of only the metaphysis around knee joint of teenage boy. Rb gene. Does not cross growth plate.Can be familial. Does not cross growth plate (but can pass via surrounding tissue). Malignant, aggressive.
Painless smooth bony bump on frontal bone of skull. Same density as bone.CT > X ray. More common in women. Benign.
Back pain, not relieved by aspirin. Sclerotic rim on imaging. Histology identical to osteoid osteoma. Vertebrae (sometimes metaphysis/diaphysis of long bones). Difficult to resect completely. May transform to malignancy.
Pure cartilage tumor of small tubular bones in the hand.Bimodal distribution (kids < 20, adults 50's-60's). Cannot be differentiated from low grade sarcoma on histology.
Syndrome of multiple osteochondromas. More often transform into malignancy.Malignancy more likely if cartilaginous cap or in an adults
Locally aggressive tumor starting in epiphysis then invade metaphysis. Adult mature skeleton only. Sclerotic, xanthomatous, hemorrhagic, cystic.Locally aggressive, but currettage can send mets to lung. Good prognosis with complete resection.
Small round blue cell tumor in soft tissue of femur near hip joint. t(11;22) translocation. Positive MIC-2 stain. Children.PCR for t(11;22) or stain for MIC-2 to distinguish from other SRBC tumors.
Bony growth on knee/shoulder of children with cartilage cap projecting away from joint. Misplaced growth plate. Inactivation of EXT gene. Stops when normal bone growth ends. No surgery. Benign.
Large joints (hip/knee/shoulder). Long bones of adults. Two forms = Intramedullary (ring like calcifications) or Intracortical (protrudes into soft tissue)Histology cannot distinguish from low grade from chondroma.

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