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A. Only side to have won three back to back world cups
B. Another term for the edge of the playing area
C. This shot can be played when the ball is pitched short and wide of off-stump
D. This comes into play during rain affected matches
E. Term given to any additional runs conceded by the fielding side
F. Occurs after a front foot no ball has been bowled
G. The only player to hit 36 of one over in an ODI
H. When a bowler takes three wickets in consecutive balls
I. 2011 World Cup winners
J. Irish batsman who has also played for England
K. Debuted in the 1996 world cup
L. Another term for an aerial shot
M. South African bowling brothers
N. Small cricketing nation who compete in one day competitions
O. Additional runs caused by sloppy fielding
P. A period of overs where fielding restrictions are applied
Q. Australian state which is home to the Gabba
R. Occurs when the bails are removed whilst the batsman is out of his crease
S. A type of pre-meditated shot
T. A shorter version of the one day game
U. ODI side which have appeared in only one world cup
V. He has the best ever bowling figures in an ODI
W. Any deliveries bowled down the leg side are signalled as this
X. West Indian batsman
Y. A delivery commonly used by the bowler towards the end of an innings
Z. A type of spin delivery devised by Shane Warne

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