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A. Three shots under par
B. Sand hazard
C. Players attendant/advisor
D. A score of two shots over par
E. A score of two under par
F. Area of the course between the tee box and green
G. Awarded to the US Masters winner
H. Scoring system which accounts for a golfers ability
I. A type of club
J. American Golfer
K. German Golfer
L. A type of course which is located near the sea
M. A retaken shot which does not count towards the overall score
N. The Golden Bear
O. Australian Golfer
P. Club that is used when on the green
Q. Spanish golfer
R. Competition contested between Europe and US
S. Club used for hitting from sand hazard
T. The first shot on each hole
U. Another term for backspin
V. Golf course in southern Spain
W. A type of club with a large club head
Y. 2009 PGA Championship winner
Z. The name given to the spin which is put on the ball

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