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QUIZ: Can you name the WWE Royal Rumble Millionaire?

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Who won the first Royal Rumble? A) Hulk Hogan B) One Man Gang C) Hacksaw Jim Duggan D) Harley Race$100
John Cena last eliminated which superstar to win the 2013 Royal Rumble? A) The Miz B) Ryback C) Sheamus D) Randy Orton$200
Who's entered at Number 1 and won? A) Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit B) Ric Flair and Steve Austin C) Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker D) Vince McMahon and Alberto Del Ri$300
Who has the most eliminations in a single Rumble? A) Steve Austin B) Hulk Hogan C) Kane D) Triple H$500
Which Diva's only wrestling appearance occurred in 2012? A) Kharma B) Kelly Kelly C) Rosa Mendes D) Alicia Fox$1000
Which wrestler was the first to receive a championship match for winning the Rumble A) Big John Studd B) Lex Luger C) Bret Hart D) Yokozuna$2000
How many Rumbles did Hulk Hogan participate in? A) 2 B) 3 C) 4 D) 5$4000
Who was the first superstar to eliminate an opponent in a Rumble? A) Tito Santana B) Jake Roberts C) Don Muraco D) Hillbilly Jim$8000
QuestionsAnswersCash Value
Which of these superstars never eliminated Triple H? A) John Cena B) Goldust C) CM Punk D) Diesel$16000
Who finished runner up twice first? A) Big Show B) Mr Perfect C) John Cena D) Edge$32000
Which superstar has the shortest Rumble time whilst getting an elimination? A) Owen Hart B) The Brian Kendrick C) MVP D) DDP$64000
Of the 'fake wrestlers' and AAA members in the 1997 Rumble, who lasted the longest A) Fake Razor Ramon B) Fake Diesel C) Pierroth D) Cibernetico$125000
Who lasted the shortest amount of time in Royal Rumble 2002? A) Albert B) The Hurricane C) Faarooq D) Booker T$250000
The people to eliminate divas from the Rumble have been Steve Austin, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and which other? A) Chris Jericho B) Bam Bam Bigelow C) Big Boss Man D) Rob Van Dam$500000
Where did the Royal Rumble take place when Steve Austin won his third Rumble? A) Anaheim, CA B) San Antonio, TX C) Atlanta, GA D) New Orleans, LA$1000000

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