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TriviaEpisode Title
Disney apparently own the rights to the notes A flat and G natural
Milhouse is at least half an inch taller than Bart
Otto would choose a lobster harmonica over a Harvard diploma
Bart has a stamp collection
Mr Burns mistakes The Ramones for The Rolling Stones
Maude's ghost informs Ned that there is no God
Paul Anka's guarantee is void in Tennessee
Brunch is defined as not quite breakfast, not quite lunch but you get a slice of cantaloupe at the end
Ralph is learnding
Bart literally becomes the boy who cried 'Wolf!'
Homer gets distracted by 'stupid sexy Flanders'
Maggie shoots Mr Burns again (offscreen)
Dr Hibbert doesn't laugh at seeing a Ford urinating on a Chevrolet
TriviaEpisode Title
Apu takes four minutes of Hans Moleman's life
Despite Lisa claiming this is the 300th crazy thing Homer has done, Marge could've sworn it was the 302nd
Marge could have Nitzy as a personalized number plate
Bart loses his last baby tooth
Frank Grimes 'happened to like hookers'
Lisa is the Lizard Queen!
Santa's Little Helper sires his second litter of puppies with Dr Hibbert's dog, Rosa Barks
Martin Prince Sr. knew they should have served cake instead of oysters
Matt Groening re-signs his name in the couch gag after Marge rubs it out
Mona Simpson doesn't do what the episode title implies
It takes the 4th graders 40 minutes to locate Canada on a map
Slightly irregular trees cost $45

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