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What is the color of Kyoko's soul gem?
What is Sayaka's theme?
What do magical girls become?
What is Kyubey trying to prevent?
What witch does Sayaka go insane against?
Which witch enjoys butterflies?
What does Charlotte love?
What color is Hitomi's hair?
What is the natural disaster in Episode 11?
What does Kyosuke play?
Who is the composer?
Who voices Sayaka?
What is the theme song for Kyoko and Sayaka?
What is the ending song?
What do Incubators lack?
What music plays during the breakfast scene?
What does Homura become?
What rewrites the universe?
Who kills Charlotte?
What is the teacher's full name?
What does Junko enjoy?
What does Sayaka call herself?
What are Magical Girl enemies in Rebellion?
Who wrote the series?
Who directed it?
Who kills Mami in the third timeline shown?
Who mercy kills/attempts to twice?
What is Sayaka's witch form?
Who killed Kyoko's family?
Where does the series take place?
Who sings the opening song?
Who is Rebellion's witch?
What are inside soul gems?
What is episode 7 called?
Who besides Homura knows of Madoka by the end?
Is Junko a business woman?
How many times does Madoka's father do anything?
What is Kyoko's favorite food?
Does Kyubey stay dead?
What does Homura's ability involve?
What is Mami's hair secret?
Who doesn't have any regrets anymore?
What causes suicide?
What are the mazes?
Who always sings the main ending themes?
What plays when Kyubey talks in Rebellion?
Where is Kyoko from?
What is the last witch in the original series?
Which girl was the first to die?
What does Mrs. Saotome rant about?
What is the name of Kyubey's species?
Where is Sayaka's body found?
What does Homura have to remeber Madoka by?
What is Madoka during the cake song?
What name does Charlotte go by in Rebellion?
What is Kyoko's weapon?
What is the Law?
What song plays during the Homulily battle?
What is Elsa Maria the witch of?
What is the name of Madoka's father?
Mami's witch form?
How many timelines did Homura go through?
Who tries to jump off a building?
What witch does Kyoko face in the flashback?
What weapon kills Patricia?
What fairytale is Sayaka based around?
What does Kyoko offer Sayaka?
True or false: Madoka is at least partially about hope?
Who is the box witch?
What episode does Madoka officially become a magical girl?
What was Homura's original hairstyle?
What is the name of Mami's final attack?
Who is Homura in love with?
Who voices Kyoko?
What does Kyubey try to rationalize his murder with?
Who used to be a magical girl? (Historical)
Who is the bird cage witch?
Where does Homura steal weapons?
What does Madoka Become?
What is Madoka's hair color?
How is Madoka a new student in Rebellion?
What is the name of Kyoko's witch?
How is Madoka so powerful?
What is the name of Rebellion's ending song?
What is the new enemy at the end of the series?
What is the name of the alternate manga?
What is the Clara Doll Song?
What do the five call themselves?
Song during Sayaka's funeral?
Who is Tomohisa's wife?
What is Tatsuya eating at the start of the series?
What is Homura kept in?
What is Kyubey's true nature?
Who voices Madoka?
Did Homura do anything wrong?
How many girls die in the main timeline?
What can Homura not do?
Where do Homura and Madoka talk in Rebellion?
What does Homura have in the last episode scene
What is the last sentence of the series?

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