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Can you name the things with a second letter of 'H'?

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He was the Pequod's captain in Moby-DickA
Thimphu is the capital of this Asian nationB
This rock band is known for hits such as '25 or 6 to 4'C
A species of wild dog native to southern AsiaD
This online dating site focuses primarily on long-term relationshipsE
In Dungeons and Dragons, this character is the deity of horizons and travelF
Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd starred in this 1984 comedyG
''How does Ronnie Ron taste, master?' 'Like some kid with eyes.'' is an infamous exchange from this nonsensical Harry Potter fanfictionH
Martin Luther King Jr. gave this speech against racism in August 1963I
This Indian state was separated from Bihar in 2000J
This Soviet leader was replaced by Leonid BrezhnevK
In calculus, a principle used to find limits where indeterminate forms occurL
An obsolete unit of electrical conductivity, equal to the reciprocal of one ohmM
The Blackhawks and the Islanders play in this leagueN
The traditional American song which was parodied in JibJab's 'Big Box Mart'O
The title given to ancient Egyptian rulersP
An abbreviation for a now-defunct founding member of the Rugby Football UnionQ
This horned Ground/Rock creature was the first Pokémon ever designedR
The most populous city proper in both China and the worldS
The longest river located fully in EnglandT
Zoë Saldana plays this character in 2009's Star TrekU
A music video and reality television network which premiered in 1985V
This children's picture book features a hidden man in a striped sweaterW
An official language of South Africa which features numerous tongue clicksX
Transliterated from Hebrew, the four letters indicating the name of the Christian godY
Boris Pasternak wrote a novel about this DoctorZ

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