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Can you name the terms which contain three consecutive letters of the alphabet in a row?

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A website for debunking popular Internet myths
Wikipedia's shortest articles that can be expanded
The lowest non-negative ordinal number to fit the category
Idiotic or lacking purpose
Island nation with a capital of Funafuti
Former name for the Turkish city now known as Istanbul
A round food item formed from a crustacean
The only Pokémon to fit the category
One who attends a facility of education
The least desirable of the given options
To take a vehicle by external, illicit force
Quick and skillful
1798-1800 event that started an undeclared war between France and the USA
Band with the hit song 'Stricken'
A replacement for an actor in a play
A test given at a random time (hyphenated or spaced through letter group)
To walk without coordination, or to find by coincidence in expression with 'upon'
To cram too much into a small space in your cupboard
California-based chocolate company now owned by Lindt & Sprüngli
Landlocked country that shares its northeast border with China
RPG statistic to complement 'Attack'
What a dictionary supplies
One of the Jackson 5's hit songs
To cram too much into a small space in your brain before a test

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