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Can you name the known heirs of ASoIaF houses at the end of aDwD?

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Current Lord/LadyHeirPrevious Lords/Heirs
King Brandon Stark (believed dead)
Lord Robert Arryn
King Tommen Baratheon
King Stannis Baratheon
Lord Mace Tyrell
Prince Doran Martell
Lord Edmure Tully
Lord Walder Frey
Lord Emmon Frey
Lady Cersei Lannister
King (r)Aegon VI Targaryen
Lord Roose Bolton
Lord Harrion Karstark
Current Lord/LadyHeirPrevious Lords/Heirs
Lord Howland Reed
Lord Nestor Royce
Lord Yohn Royce
Lord Jon Connington
Lord Selwyn Tarth
Lord Gulian Swann
Lord Randyll Tarly
Lord Davos Seaworth
Lord Leyton Hightower
Lord Orton Merryweather
Lord Paxter Redwyne
Lord Alekyne Florent

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