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QUIZ: Can you name the A-I (245) song titles from my iTunes??

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A type of energy
A big number
A significant age
lunar time period
It's a number with 3 digits
A long time to live
A long time to wait
It's not a bird
You are not dead
Tonight is the current thing
We are about it
I would only choose this for christmas
Limited intelligence
Dangerous atmosphere
Dangerous atmosphere
Dangerous atmosphere
No longer with others
Heavenly being in the time of darkness
Heavenly being who prefers the dark
Heavenly beings
Carnivore, creature etc.
Stop a poision
A true quote about life
Still would
4 letters
Powerful couple in a war
No longer a couple but still like you
Bottom to where we live
Waste to small flying insects
A magical place in myths in King Arthur stories
She shot me down...
Ice cream guy music video
Music is a drug
Watch out!
Similar to a fairy tale title
Phoenix can do this
It's not a grammar fail!
Prefer individuality
Rank more than someone else
Larger in an Asian country
A huge amount of money to have
A city is completely dark
Had enough of a relationship
It's a colour
Cannot see
3 letters, 3 letters
Description of a hair colour that can cause mass destruction!
Have it early November!
Gotta get that...
It always comes back
Treated to lots of money
Heart broken
Part of how to stay alive
The amp level is high!
Become dead no longer
Vital organ isn't working
Vital organ isn't working
You can't shoot her
Fire caused
Use an insect's _ to fly
Bee does this
Here's my number...
John! Steven! Emily!
Can't find it, now I'll go crazy!
Did you get my message?
Yes, yep, affirmative, u huh
Sea life
I hope you aren't heavy!
insect with lots of things on it
Not your traditional way of getting clean
Alter how you live
Alter how you live
Alter something lovers often carry out
How can you, it's too far away and it's very hot!
Made with cocoa
To clarify something...
Best friends close...
Party place cannot...
Let's go! Hurry up!
When 2 things hit each other...
Up a level...
Wierd little uns
Strangley interested...
Strangely interested...
The whole night?
You can do that?
Cool moves after evening...
Moves with I
Image of her in my mind...
Teachers don't like you doing this at school...
Comes after sun rises...
Writing a letter...
Commited to a former lover
I've seen this song before...
Mental illness commonly found in the elderly
Often come from hell
A type of stone often valuable
Death early
Sexual conversations
Passion by music///
Chemical make up
Similar to a christmas nursery ryhme
Often played with dots on them
I wouldn't put your hopes up!
True quote for people...
Hero not required...
Never end the good time!
Never end the good time!
Others won't acknowledge
Keep sleeping...
Prefer to stay here
Reassuring offspring
Falling with instruments
When you sleep...
When you sleep and something else...
When you sleep, they are still there
Why not get out a glass?
Passing by in a vehicle
Liquid part of a planet
Too much alcohol
Ground shakes
Device causing people to lose lives
Large animal
Non-magical item turned magical
Similar to beautiful sea creatures
An EXTREMELY long time!
An EXTREMELY long time!
(Who I'm talking to) (A number) (Something to hear with)
Quickly move when we can
What you might say if you go to the future...
Result of something going bang!
Well known quote
You can see but you can't
Slowly turns to black
Falling and falling
Quite near something else
Sensing love
Sensing a (spur of the)
Go to war for someone else
A number
A bull should be kept away from it
A lot of fire
Insects on fire!
Happens near the end of the year
Beginning of the earth orbit
Quick glance at a past memory
It starts it off
What do I do...
Can I do whatever I want?
Not an enemy...
Milky Way
Tea cakes!
What you should be to your partner
As soon as possible
Roll the right dice
Shake and...
Like a bridge!
Wont' try again
I prefer you did get here!
You should see a doctor
Magical powder
Magical powder
Precious element
Positive notion
I want to do it right
It is an appropriate moment
It is an appropriate moment
It is an appropriate moment
It is an appropriate moment
The moments are appropriate
You don't have to...
Dog species
Medals and trophies go here...
Drunk until next day...
Appears soft until you touch it...
Cardiac arrest
Musical organ
Increase temperature
Try lifting a car
Greetings to an American city
Greetings to an American city
Don't lose faith!
A car
An american type of education firm
No hint but it's 5 letters with 2 words
Don't let go
Take a break
Bzzz yum!
See the sights from above!
Fire and water
At the moment its temperature is high
Of all people on Earth she has the highest temperature
It is what us work like
A type of greeting
Will it happen like in Cansas?
Quiet young one!
It won't happen in the real world
It is possible to be the first number
Which means she will probably get pregnant...
Forsee bad things about you
Positive about something, regardless about anything else
You are wanted right now!
Wanted after the evening
Wanted about someone's passion
Still keep trying
A roman god?
Too bad you got blind...
Police to get you!
With others
Sailing on the sea
Can't ever happen
A brain and other stuff
Lungs, heart and other stuff
Black, but is that all?
Passion around the world
Social networking
Returning the favour
It rusts
Female from a small part of Earth
Bed now
The one female
Predicting the weather

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