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What is the typical lie of Grace Bros., often uttered by Mr. Grainger?
When Mr. Humphries mentions a 'friend', the staff assumes it's a man, which prompts him to say...
When Young Mr. Grace heads for the lift, he turns to the staff, raises his cane and utters this phrase, loses his balance and causing someone having to catch him.
When the elderly Mr. Grainger falls asleep at work, this is the magic phrase that awakens him...
In 'The Clock', at Mr. Grainger's dinner, what alias does Mr. Mash give Mr. Lucas?
In 'The Old Order Changes', what is Mr. Lucas' real name, which he is so embarrassed to reveal?
Mr. Humphries' first name.
Mr. Grainger's favorite musician
In 'The Clock', instead of 'Betty', what does Mr. Mash address Mrs. Slocombe as?
Mr. Rumbold's less-than-desirable nickname
Finish this line... 'Is that Young Mr. Grace?!'

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